Shameless Review: Endings and Beginnings

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After last week's really heavy episode of Shameless, "Fiona Interrupted" brought us some resolutions to all the chaos.

The two biggest developments were Karen having her baby and Monica attempting suicide in front of her children on Thanksgiving. While Karen giving birth was set to be a semi-joyous occasion - despite the fact that she was giving him up for adoption - things went awry. The baby was Asian, so it turns out Lip was NOT the father, which was devastating to him but obviously not devastating enough considering he went back to watch Karen sleep.

Shameless Season 2 Finale Scene

Hasn't Lip had enough? She's a heartless sociopath. I know there was some confusion as to whether or not the baby has Down Syndrome and the answer is yes, he does. The adoptive parents changed their mind and, as we know, Sheila and Jody stole the baby from the hospital.

Karen referring to the baby as a "thing" and calling him retarded was revolting. I'm not surprised that when given the ultimatum between her a-hole of a daughter and newborn grandson that Sheila chose her grandson. I'm sorry, but Karen has just taken it too far this time. As awesome as Laura Slade Wiggins is in playing her role, I hope that Karen is gone for awhile.

Sheila and Jody as parents should be interesting. I'm glad Tony and the other cop looked at Karen like she was ridiculous when she asked them to cart away the baby. Someone just needs to remind Sheila that hiding a baby in the dryer is not a fantastic idea. Jody with the fake nipples reminded me of Meet the Fockers when Robert De Niro put on the fake boob to breast feed. Needless to say, I was very entertained by that. 

The best part about everything that went down with Karen was that Lip finally came home. He was so missed by everyone, it was a welcome sight to see him walk through those doors. Lip is smart and loyal and has so much potential. Ian must've been happy to have his partner in crime home. 

Ian probably brought the biggest shock of the episode. It turns out the suave doctor that he slept with last week after the club is none other than Steve's father. Imagine realizing you slept with your sister's boyfriend's father? Awkward! I like that he tried to confide in Fiona a few times, even though he was interrupted. It shows growth in Ian over the past season.

I'm also glad he stood up to Frank, who sadly got played by Monica again. When Estefania hit Frank over the head with the frying pan I thought he was dead for a minute. Then I remembered that Frank is a Gallagher and can survive basically anything. Speaking of Estefania, I'm glad to see she didn't hinder the reunion of Fiona and Steve. We only waited an entire season for them to consummate their relationship again! I'd say Steve has more than proved how much he loves Fiona.

Will Estefania and Lip hook up? Were you glad to see Karen go? Were you surprised that Monica ditched Frank for yet another woman?

I was not surprised at all. Monica needs help and maybe she was right when she told Debbie that the kids were better off without her. Look at the track record here; Monica insisted she needed to take care of her health and then a few days later let her husband bail her out of the psych ward only to run off with her new lesbian lover Jenna Elfman. I mean if that's not fickle... I'm not sure what is. 

Chloe Webb brought a lot of entertainment to this season and though I was not surprised, I was sad to see her go. Luckily for us all, Shameless has already gotten the green light for Season 3 so who knows what guest stars may be returning?!

Overall, I thought this season was fantastic and outshone season one. Weigh in on the Shameless finale below and don't forget to check out our Shameless quotes of the week! 


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Great episode. Will miss them. So well written and fast paced.


If you want Lip in a relationship with a little less crazy, I am not so sure that Steve's wife - who we last saw happily mounting a guy with a screwdriver? sticking out of his leg - is the way to go ;)


The baby cast as Karen's son on SHAMELESS does in deed have Down syndrome. The child was found through "Down Syndrome in Arts & Media" on facebook at There is a photo of baby and mom with some crew. John Wells has included characters with Down syndrome for years. He featured 7 guest stars with Down syndrome in episodes of ER over the years. He first became friends with the actor Chris Burke when Chris played Corky, who had Down syndrome, on LIFE GOES ON and was on the next sound stage at Warner Bros. from CHINA BEACH where John was a writer. There are many actors with Down syndrome and the baby is just getting it's start. Thanks for including this discussion in your review. Gail at DSiAM


My bestfriend time and time again has always gone on and on to be about how she hates Karen and what a crazy bi*ch she is but I always took Karen as the funny messed up girl she was, but this season really brough out the worst in her character. It took 2 seasons but I am finally happy to see her gone. I had been crossing my fingers hoping that it was Lips baby and when it turned out not to be I wanted her out of his life for good. And to not want to let her mom and Jodie take care of the baby. Come on Karen really!?! I hope that she will learn her lesson and redeem herself but I'm not holding my breath. Oh and did I forget to mention...THANK EFFIN GOD STEVE/JIMMY AND FIONA ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!! ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!

C f ohara

Ok question though. Why did Ian seem so pressed to tell Fiona about Jimmy's dad? Did it seem to you that he and the good doctor worked out some sort of agreement? Was that a new iPhone he was brandishing? Will Fiona even care or Jimmy for that matter? He doesn't seem to give his family much thought.

C f ohara

Leigh you nailed it once again. I watched the last two episodes back to back last night but after Thanksgiving I was almost too full of sobering emotion that I debated not going on to the finale right away. I was very happy I did. Steve/Jimmy and Fiona were amazing. The scene where she asked him if he was going to leave and his subsequent answer made me warm inside. Speaking of warmth, when Este showed back up hysterical I was screaming NO inside as I thought she was going to ruin the reunion between the two aforementioned. I was very happy to see Lip get a snuggle with her instead to close out the episode. Lip back in school showed us that while Karen broke his heart he is ready to move on to better things. Estefania deserves a guy who isn't going to hit her and Lip deserves to have a relationship with a little less crazy in it. My MVP of the season went to Kevin who never failed to make me laugh. I worry about little Deb though. She is entering a confusing time of her life with already so much on her plate. The good thing is she has a rock in Fiona to help her through it.


This show begins the shock value every week

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I'm where I need to be, okay?

Monica [to Frank]

Fiona: Jesus, these poor kids.
Steve: Don't worry they're already pretty fucked up.