Ringer Review: Beware of the Sleepy Time Tea

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"If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It" featured Catherine doing anything but getting over it. In fact, she embraced her evil bitch persona with gusto.

If anyone thought that after last week's Ringer episode Catherine was going to lick her wounds and slink away, they were woefully mistaken. Instead Catherine inflicted more wounds... on herself.

About Tyler...

That was such a great scene as Catherine clung to Andrew, swearing that she just wanted to explain things to Juliet as we saw the blood dripping down her arms, onto Andrew's shirt. That's when I began to understand just how broken Catherine was. Well, almost.

I couldn't help but feel for Juliet. The poor kid was being pulled along on her mother's emotional roller coaster ride. With all of the lies and deception she couldn't even trust that this was a real suicide attempt. 

Then to have Catherine confess that she never really wanted kids and that when she and Andrew divorced, she gave Juliet to her father because she knew he loved her more. Ouch! 

And in one of the great Ringer quotes that inspired the episode title, Juliet told her mother:

If you're sick, I want you to get better but if you're just an evil bitch, then get over it. | permalink

I knew that Catherine had hired the hit on Siobhan but somehow that didn't seem quite as twisted as personally handing her the sleepy time tea. Never take a drink from strangers or crazy evil bitches.

On the other side of town, Henry was getting hauled off to jail. Lesson to be learned? Don't cheat on your wife when her husband is rich and vengeful. Tim was out to destroy Henry and Siobhan and I didn't really blame him, especially after what these two put poor Gemma through. They deserve a little torture.

Again, Bridget and Siobhan got closer to coming face-to-face but honestly I knew it wasn't going to happen so it didn't hold much suspense. That said I'm sure we'll get that scene before the season's over.

Agent Machado might be on suspension but he's doing as much investigating as ever. He even found the man Bridget shot and killed stuffed in a freezer. Who knew he'd end up being Bridget's ally once again, even if he doesn't realize it.

As we wait for next week, do you think Andrew, Juliet, or Machado will be able to save Bridget? I honestly don't believe she's in mortal danger, but I do believe it will go down to the final minutes of her survival. Siobhan looks like she's about to have those twins any day now. And again... what the heck happened to Malcolm? What's your theory?


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`How can one not love this show?` Because after they killed off the hot redhead, plus the story lines and some of the acting was crap. Ergo, they have canceled the show. Hopefully Gellar can appear in something more challenging for her talent. Think Nelson`s guffaw.


LOVED this episode!! It just keeps getting better and better!! Boy I do hope that Catherine gets what she deserves!! Ugh, and Bridget can be so annoyingly in-the-dark sometimes!


Correction: *Lesson to be learned? Don't cheat on your wife when her husband is rich and vengeful. I think you mean Gemma's dad...not her husband, since that would be Henry...


I hope it ends with Bridget fighting Catherine and accidentally killing her by DRIVING A WOODEN STAKE THROUGH HER HEART! How awesome would that be. No, seriously. How awesome would that be. Totally awesome, that's how.


The ending was the best. I can't wait for next week. I really hope it ends with Catherine getting shot.


My favorite show, hope it stays on. One thing bothering me about Siobban living with Henry. Supposedly CPS came and got the twins, and Henry has a housekeeper who was alluded too. I feel someone should be catching on to the fact that Siobban is back. Wondering if Bridget will catch on about the maid saying she gave her the hush money although it was Siobban.


I knew Catherine was a crazy bitch and that she put the hit on Siobhan but attempting suicide? She has completely gone off the deep end. Its sad to see how far she is willing to go to get Andrew back. Also I really feel for Juliet Catherine and Andrew are playing tug of war with her emotions I hope that in the end (of course with all that Catherine has done) she does want to be with her father and "Siobhan/Bridget". I figure that Machado will save "Siobhan" with seconds to spare so I'm not to worried as to whether or not Bridget will die. That would be too easy for Catherine. Loved this episode a ton of suspense especially in the last 30 minutes. Cant believe that there are only two more episodes left in this season! Already cant wait for next season to be here!


PART 2 (bleepin' character limit!)...... @Carda - I think Henry mentioned that he mortgaged his house to pay for bail. If the judge allows bail to be set for a crime, and the accused murderer can meet bail, yes, they're released. It's how the criminal justice system works. It isn't just Malcolm's disappearance that's a mystery. It's Olivia's. I wonder if they're together. Maybe Bodaway got Malcolm and Olivia was in the wrong place at the time. Isn't it a pleasure to see Siobhan's plans falling apart? She MUST be found responsible for Charlie's and Gemma's deaths. Can't believe there's only 2 more episodes left this season!


One tiny correction for the reviewer: You probably meant to say "when her FATHER is rich and vengeful." Tim was Gemma's dad, not her husband. That would be really twisted. BTW, weren't those 2 red-headed boys adorable? EXCELLENT episode! The story train is moving at top speed on all cylinders. I guess you would have to be my age (40+) to get the sly reference to FATAL ATTRACTION in Catherine's suicide scene. Crazy blonde lady invades the private apartment of the businessman she can't get over, and while opera plays in the background, she plays on his sympathies, smearing blood everywhere. Good thing Siobhan didn't have a pet or we would have been cringing when she entered the kitchen scene. The only thing off about Catherine is that before she didn't want to get her hands dirty. She seemed colder, more bitter, and just calculating. Now, she's really going off the rails because her plans aren't working. @Carda - I think Henry mentioned that he mortgaged his house to pay for bail. If the judge allows bail to be set for a crime, and the accused murderer can meet bail, yes, they're released. It's how the criminal justice system works.

Sarah silva

How can one not love this show? I really hope the CW renews it. Of the new shows on the CW this is the one I would miss the most!! I like HOD but I am kind of iffy on that one now, maybe because of the 2 long breaks it has had.
Back to Ringer, Katherine is such a beyotch! The whole suicide attempt was to get herself to stay at the apartment so that she could kill Bridget/Siobhan herself. We all know that Bridget will not die but I am sure it will be a close call, however Machado will come and save the day and hopefully hall Katherine's butt off to jail, eventhough he is on probation, that will most likely get him back on the force.
I do not see how Henry will get out of this predicament, he did kill Tyler but it was an accident.
I wonder how Tim will save Martin Charles.
I wonder if SMG really is pregnant, when she is Bridget she seems to be covering up more that at the start of the season. I know the baby bump when she is Siobhan is fake but I think she may be pregnant.

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