Private Practice Round Table: "It Was Inevitable"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our Private Practice review broke down Tuesday's "It Was Inevitable," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Caitlyn: I can't choose between Charlotte running to get Mason to Mason saying goodbye to his mom and Addison getting that call to walking into Judi's hospital room. Both were just so great, easily making us cry and smile along.

Jarrod: My favorite scene from the episode was definitely Addison getting that baby! After four and half years of that, her journey is now complete. It may not be exactly official, but it’s good enough for me right now.

Carissa: When Mason crawled up on Erica's lap to say goodbye and she died. People protect kids from death to their detriment. It was a beautiful scene.

Christina: My favorite scene was when Cooper was thanking Charlotte for everything she did for both Mason and Erica. She told him the thank you wasn’t needed because “it’s just what you do.”

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2. What were your thoughts on this week’s devastating medical case?

Caitlyn: It was - well, devastating. She did a horrendous thing but the writers found a way for viewers to actually sympathize with this character. Good thing Amelia had nothing to do with her or her hesitation towards motherhood would've reach a whole new level.

Jarrod: There was a devastating medical case? I highly doubt a mother killing her two children was a medical case. A lot of people have their opinions on Postpartum Depression, but as far as I am concerned, she was ill and needed help. She didn’t get it, so she asphyxiated her kids. End of story.

Carissa: What was the case? The lady who killed her children? If I knew why she killed them (did her seizures have something to do with it?), I would have found it more compelling.

Christina: Like Caitlin, I thought it was interesting the way the story was written. It was easy to feel sympathy for the father, but I was surprised I actually sympathized a bit even with the mother.

3. Which upcoming storyline are you more interested in: Sheldon visiting his ex-wife or Amelia’s pregnancy?

Caitlyn: I'm a bit more excited about Sheldon's ex-wife because that came out of nowhere! I'm glad we're going to be seeing more of this character. Amelia's pregnancy is a little predictable. I mean, something has to go wrong there, right?

Jarrod: As much as I love Amelia, she had her season of fame to shine. With only four episodes left, I want Sheldon to be the main focus ‘til at least season’s end. The guy deserves it after three and half years.

Carissa: Judging from the previews, Amelia's pregnancy. Seems things are not going to be pretty.

Christina: I have said it more than once in my reviews, and I’ll say it again: Sheldon deserves a real storyline! I am really looking forward to more character development for Sheldon because he’s always played the sound board for everyone else.

4. More surprising: That Addison didn’t stop Sam from kissing her, or Violet not letting Pete kiss her?

Caitlyn: Addison and Sam kissing. AGAIN. I'm so tired of seeing these two kiss and then make up then break up again. They both know they're not in the same places in their lives and that their relationship won't work so why even bother? And I thought Sam going at her again just because he hears she's not interested in a baby anymore was just wrong.

Jarrod: Nothing surprises me when it comes to Addison and Sam – particularly that they’ve been doomed to fail since season 3. Pete and Violet were just annoying. So even though Violet denying Pete was shocking, as it’s ALL she has complained about since mid-season, so I really don’t care.

Carissa: Addison not stopping Sam. But I think she did stop him, in a sense. You could tell she wanted to push him away, but was kissing him out of some necessity to see if she still felt something for him, rather than that she DID feel something for him.

Christina: I’m going with the latter. As much as I love Addie, I think she is lost when it comes to what her head or her heart wants. I really can’t say that I was surprised the AddiSam kiss happened. As for Violet, I didn’t expect her to actually want to slow things down and reanalyze (for the umpteenth time) her relationship with Pete AGAIN. Oh well, at least they both realize they have real problems and need to put in real work if they want to fight for their marriage.

5. Private Practice may or may not return next season. Plead your case to ABC now!

Caitlyn: Addison just got her baby! That's not enough because we're all dying to see how she parents this child. We also still need to see a CharCoop baby! Please ABC, give us a little more time with these characters so we can get some actual closure.

Jarrod: I’m confident. I was skeptic to begin with, but I have faith that it’s getting a 12-18 episode pick up order if not anything at all. But ABC, this show has at least one more year in it, so give us fans what we want and by doing so, you’ll be getting your syndication!

Carissa: Not a case I think of to plead, except that the stories seem to naturally progress. As long as a show can naturally bring stories forth, it's worth saving. That, and winning its new time slot in the coveted demo.

Christina: Honestly, this season has been the best yet. I still think that there are so many more amazing stories to tell and everything could be wrapped up in at least one more final season. By the way, don’t forget to vote for Private Practice in our poll of which ABC show to save!

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