Once Upon a Time Round Table: "The Return"

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From favorite moments to theories regarding August, our Once Upon a Time Round Table is back with coverage of "The Return."

Read on to read the takes of panelists Jim Garner,  Christine Orlando, Nick McHatton and author Molly Harper - and then weigh in with your own!


What was your favorite scene from episode?
Jim: I loved watching Regina realize that her plans with Mr. Gold had totally backfired and was going to come back on her. One of the few times we have seen Regina truly scared.

Christine: There were so many good scenes it's hard to choose just one. I liked it when Mr. Gold showed up on Archie's doorstep. It really spoke to how desperate he was to reconnect with his son. They even coupled it with the bit of humor about everyone telling him they'd paid their rent making it both funny and touching.

Nick: I really enjoyed August and Henry's scenes together in the beginning, as well as Emma deciding to go after Regina directly and in the worst way possible: by taking Henry back.

Molly: Mr. Gold in therapy; not only was the image hilariously funny, but it actually allowed Mr. Gold to show some vulnerability and humanity. And I loved that Archie tried to maintain his professional composure, but the more he learned about Mr. Gold, the more his amazement took over. - Can I just say that I love that the overall reason that Rumplestiltskin tricked Regina into retrieving the curse from Maleficent wasn't selfishness or revenge, but his love for his son? I just want him to roar, "It's not all about you, Regina. I DO WHAT I WANT!"

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Who did August call after he fell out of bed?
Jim: I'm going to say he called the real Baelfire. Since Bael came through separate from the curse, he would have full knowledge of both worlds. And I'm calling it now: Baelfire is Emma's ex and Henry's father.

Christine: OMG! Jim, that is brilliant. I hadn't thought of that twist. I'd guess that he called the real Baelfire but I do wonder how and from where these two know one another. I can't wait to get the answers.

Nick: I'm going to break the mold and think he called Henry.

Molly: His chiropractor? Agreed, maybe he was calling the real Baelfire.

Since we learned August isn't Baelfire, who is he?
Jim: I'm not sure August was anyone in the fairy tale world. It would be an awesome twist that he was from this world but learned about the other and wanted magic to heal him. But, if I have to pick a fairy tale character, I'm going with Pinocchio, the man does not like to lie.

Christine: The leading theory is that he's Pinocchio but since his nose is not growing in this world I wonder what the other consequences are for lying.

Nick: The show is dropping hints that he is Pinocchio since he is prone to lying and he has been "stiff" at times like he's made of wood, as well as having a donkey paperweight. Eion has also said he's thrilled to be playing an iconic character. So it's more than likely he is Pinocchio.

Molly: Since we got a glimpse of the Pinnochio episode in the previews, maybe it's Pinnochio. The reason he's sick is that he wasn't a real boy when he was thrown into this world, so now he needs magic to make him real and cure him?

How would you go about convincing Emma if you were August?
Jim: I would find a way to one of the things carried over (like Regina's vault of boxes) and show it to her. With no magic in this world it's going to be a struggle for sure!

Christine: It's going to take something extraordinary because Emma's such a cynic.  He's got to find something that connects the two worlds, otherwise he'll just sound like a crazy man.

Nick: He clearly knows a lot about Storybrooke, and everything that has happened. I would just lay out whatever would probably convince her the most. Emma doesn't need much convincing, she's teetering on the edge already.

Molly: "You hate Regina. You could get to kill Regina if you follow this plan. No one in town would blame you. There is no down side here."

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