Once Upon a Time Review: Evil Begets Evil

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"The Stable Boy" rode into Once Upon a Time this week and brought veteran actress Barbara Hershey along for the ride as Cora, Regina's mom. 

Cora had some seriously witchy powers and didn't hesitate to use them, bringing the Mommie Dearest act to a whole new level. Wire coat hangers were child's play. Regina's mother ripped out her boyfriend's heart, literally. At least we now know where she learned that trick.

Although killing Daniel was the pinnacle of her malicious actions, it certainly wasn't her only devilish deed. Manipulating poor little Snow into divulging Regina's secret was seriously cold.

Barbara Hershey on Once Upon a Time

And what did Cora mean when she lamented about all the deals she had made to get her family out of poverty? What deals and with whom? Will we ever find out?

I know Regina was devastated by Daniel's murder and her mother's betrayal, but to take it out on Snow seemed particularly harsh. Yes, she broke her promise but she was a little girl who thought she was doing the right thing. To carry such a deep-seeded hatred that has grown into a whole other dimension seemed a bit extreme.

It was sad to see what a normal girl Regina once was compared to what she's turned into. But once she found her evil she certainly embraced it. Just think about what she did to the Mad Hatter last week. It made me wonder how far under the surface her dark side was or how far away it is for any of us.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma finally caught on to Sidney. It was about time. I've never been able to figure out why she trusted him. Emma never appeared that naive before. 

I expected the shovel to be missing by the time Emma got back to Regina's, but I was a little surprised when August acted like Emma should have more faith in him. Why? They're practically strangers. He obviously feels some sort of connection to her. Hopefully we'll find out what that's all about soon.

When Mary Margaret begged for forgiveness from Regina for crimes she didn't even remember committing, it was heartbreaking. She's so scared. She thinks she's going to prison for a crime she didn't commit and even if she remembered being Snow she might not understand Regina's hatred since she never told her the truth.

And little did Mary Margaret know that Regina's plan was to have her convicted and shipped off to prison and out of Storybrooke.  In on of my favorite Once Upon a Time quotes, Mr Gold said...

We all know what happens to people who attempt to leave town. | permalink

Well, he and Regina certainly know but the rest of us are a little iffy on the details. We only know it definitely isn't good.

It was somewhat apropos to have Ruby find Kathryn since she also found her heart. What sort of magic did Mr. Gold use to conjure that up? Where has Kathryn been? She certainly looked like she'd been wandering through the woods but it's been weeks. How did she survive and how did she end up in the middle of town?

So, what do you think happened to Kathryn? How was Mr Gold involved and what's August's connection to Storybrooke? I'm betting he's Rumplestiltskin's son but that's just a guess. We've got plenty of time to debate as the next new episode airs on April 22.

The Stable Boy Review

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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

They say only the guilty sleep in prison.


We all know what happens to people who attempt to leave town.

Mr Gold