NBC: Save Which Show?

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We now turn our attention to NBC.

Over the last couple weeks, we've been asking readers which shows they most want to see renewed across a variety of networks, from ABC to CBS to The CW.

But the question is a challenge for the Peacock, considering it lacks any breakout hit and, really, almost any series could be on the bubble.

Inside a Fort
Amy's Birthday!
Close Up of Harry

Smash has already been picked up for a second season, while it's a very safe bet that 30 Rock and The Office will get the official word at the network upfronts in May. Other than that? Who really knows.

We've tried to narrow it down below, however, to a number of programs that really could go either way. Vote now for the one you definitely want to see on the schedule this fall...

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This show is riveting. The writing, casting, producing, acting, all of it is brilliant. Casting Jason Isaacs in this was totally genius. Thank you NBC! Please save AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awake. Something intelligent on TV for a change. There's plenty of stuff to choose from for those who want to switch off their brains, but don't take Awake from the rest of us.


Harry's Law! Love Kathy Bates and cast and love that there's a woman with character on TV!


PLEASE keep Awake! At least give it a full season to really establish itself, 13 episodes is just not a fair time to yank it off the air with so many ardent viewers!


Six seasons and a movie please!


Quite frankly, at this point, I would take Community any day over 30 Rock. And I used to love that show, too!


No brainer: Community!


Uhm... COMMUNITY. Duh!


Parenthood! It's such a good show. And give it a real 22 episode season.


Oops, computer acting strange:
Awake is new and still going on so it shouldn't be on here.
But I do really like it.

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