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I am not so sure that Betty is cancer- free and "just fat." When she tried to tell Don what the doctor said, she was unable to, she mixed up and confused the words. She was totally freaked out by her neighbor's description of her cancer. Maybe she wants to stay on the beach a little longer, eating Sally's ice cream, so she didn't hear what the doctor said?

This hungry young copywriter, Pete and Roger are setting themselves up for a giant blowdown. And I hope Pete stays down! He's an unlikeable jerk.


Glad to see Betty again! I just started watching Mad Men over the summer, when it came out on Netflix, and by the time I saw her in late seasons 3 & 4, I could understand why she had turned so icy. I love me some Don Draper, flawed as he is, but if I were put in Betty's shoes (learning my husband had made up an entirely new identity after deserting the war and had been lying and cheating for 10+ years), I would probably be a little unhappy/depressed/evil, too.

With that said, I totally agree with Jonesy. Henry is such a good husband to Betty, but he's obviously still intimidated by her relationship with Don...rightfully so, because she's obviously unhappy. Don is married to a gorgeous, young Canadian, but we all know he's not living in bliss. These two might find their way back to each other...probably not in a "happily ever after way", but it'll be interesting to watch it all unfold.


I thought last night's episode was about juxtapositions. Don, who's never been comfortable with anything more than superficial, has a superficial relationship with his new wife, yet is drawn to the seriousness of the situation with Betty. Similarly, Betty has focused her life on the superficial - her looks, her neighborhood, her clothes - and even remarried to feel desired. Now she's miserable, and looking for substance and connection, with Don. I think Megan and Henry will be the casualties of Don and Betty finally growing up. Then again, to think that Don Draper has changed his spots entirely would be absurd. As he realizes that great sex with his 26 year old wife leaves an enormous void in his life, he'll return to his womanizing ways. I can't wait!


I missed Betty so much the last episode, I was scared that they will let Meghan take her screen time. I've always had a thing for her, sure she is damaged but whoever loves Don and hates Betty is just a hypocrite since they are pretty much the same. They both have a good heart but damn they are crazy.

As for her current storyline I think they are continuing to explore how desperate and lonely she is as a housewife in the '60is. She will probably get addicted to diet pills or something but I hope Don will help her.

Meghan is annoying, she seemed pretty sad that Betty wasn't sick what means she wouldn't take her role and that just shows how evil she can be. Be careful Don, Betty may have been a crazy bitch but Meghan is an evil one..

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