Lost Girl Review: Lost Love

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What did I learn from "I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won)?" It sucks to have loved and lost when you never should have lost the love in the first place.

The story of Sabine and Hamish's forbidden Light-Dark Fae romance magnified Bo and Dyson's lost love. At least both Sabine and Hamish continued to love each other even after being separated for 83 years.

The Stag Hunt

Bo and Dyson weren't that lucky. It all came to a head when Bo and Dyson finally talked about what happened. Dyson was adamant that he could never love Bo again since the Norn took it from him. He wouldn't even consider Bo's suggestion that they try and fall in love. Not good, Dyson!

If a wolf mates for life, then isn't that exactly the reason that he should try again with Bo? Eventually, he will see this, right? Kenzi seemed to be on the right path when she said that Dyson knew in his head that he loved Bo, but he couldn't feel it in his heart. How painful! Is Dyson just protecting himself the only way he can?

Poor Bo! She is the one who is left loving Dyson with no love in return. Compounding the pain, she knows that she is alone now, because he saved her life. What will she do? Will she be able to move on? Or, will she be friends with Dyson, but with the intention of finding their love again?

Bo's issues with Dyson look to be a minor problem compared to the threat made by the newly crowned The Ash. He doesn't approve of Bo's unaffiliated status. Will he force her to chose a side? And, which side would she even chose?

The conversation between Bo and The Blackthorn was most enlightening in regards to the differences between the Light Fae and the Dark Fae. They both feed on humans, because that is what their kind does. But, the Light Fae only take what they need, while the Dark Fae kill for pleasure. Bo doesn't believe in either, so how would she possibly align herself with either side. The Blackthorn called it right when he described Bo as "an obnoxious vegan."

The Ash may be a threat to Bo, but Trick was also put at risk. The Blackthorn questioned whether Trick was a simple Fitzpatrick bartender or the powerful Blood King. Now, that the secret is out about Trick's true identity, will he be a target?

He claimed that he didn't want power, but in exchange he didn't want the Council to look for Aife. Will the Council abide by this request? Not likely, which will force Trick into action.

The second season of Lost Girl has quickly created emotional turmoil for Bo and Dyson, while also setting the stage for a coming battle within the Fae world. Plus, now that Bo knows about her mother, will she search for her father?


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Good set up for the season. Disgusting skin! Kenzi all excited because she can find the fae neo-pagan underground rave was funny. Bo slipping away from Kenzi to dance was funny. I've thought Trick could be Bo's father. The land marriage contract starts "Bo..." Coincidence?


Bunchie, newsflash for you: this isn't the Bo & Dyson show.


they just need to rewrite this whole thing without dyson and bo and thier love for each other lose has made me sick, dyson bo kenzie, trick hale,should combine thier power,take on both world,i started off loving this picture with my heart,but now i dont know if i want to look at it again with out dyson and bo love,please keep lauren away from bo it mess the whole show up please get dyson my man back with bo....and their hot love action...


@Kate: "Does it ever cross anyone's mind that, especially with the protection Tric affords Avia or however you spell her name" It's "Aife" according to IMDB (and the closed captions). "and how Tric really, really doesn't want Bo to dig deeper into anything, that it is possible that he is her father?" Trick is trying to protect Bo, not Aife, by discouraging any investigation into Aife's appearance and disappearance ... and Bo's connection to her. It's not widely known that Bo is Aife's daughter. If the Light knows about her connection, it could endanger Bo. If the the Dark knows that Aife has been killed, that could endanger both Bo and the Light, especially if Trick or Dyson's role in Aife's death (or near death -- you never know), that could be a basis for war. I don't think that Trick is her dad, partly based on the cold way he talked about her in the early episodes. On the other hand, I'm not sure why he's so soft on her now ... so, I suppose it's possible.


Does it ever cross anyone's mind that, especially with the protection Tric affords Avia or however you spell her name (I swear Bo and Kenzie say Eva and Tric and Dyson say something different) and how Tric really, really doesn't want Bo to dig deeper into anything, that it is possible that he is her father? I have had this thought before, but then with the fact that if she was that would likely put her in more danger but it might also get both sides off her back from choosing a side.


@DeAnn, you're right to point out that the writers have handed Bo and her friends a really big slate of challenges for season 2: Dyson's love, the new and hostile Ash, the Big Bad that was predicted in the previous episode, the bad council members who are going to come after Trick, and probably more ... like a resurrected Aife. Note that beyond the trouble the new Ash poses to Bo directly, he may also be a big problem for Lauren -- as "property" of the old Ash, she may be no more than garbage to the new Ash. FWIW, I was really surprised when Trick tacitly admitted to the Blackthorn that he was the Blood King. That seemed like very reckless behavior for someone usually so careful.


myself included! (got cut off there). I thought Kenzi was so sweet in this ep, with helping Bo deal with her depression about Dyson. I am glad that Bo had the chance to tell Dyson that she appreciates what he has done for her, and that she still loves him. The new Ash scares me, I really wish it had been Hale instead of the tool who won, who is going to be trouble for Bo. I thought it was hilarious when Bo and Kenzi found out that Hale was royalty...they gave him such a hard time! I also have a feeling that Trick and Blackthorn are going to get into it, and that there will have to either be an alliance or a truce between them. We learned a lot more about the Fae and we learn more about Trick in each episode.


WatchesTooMuch, I think you are right, I think that Dyson's heart and soul have been filled with concrete, or nothingness, where his love for Bo used to be, and I think that it pains him greatly, because he remembers that he used to love her so much, but he can no longer feel that love and need for her. Remember that he didn't so much 'give' up his love for Bo to the Norn, the Norn took it from him, after rejecting his offer of taking his wolf in exchange for helping her against her evil mother.
But I think if Bo went to the Norn, that evil tree-thing would probably take not only her powers, but her love of Dyson away from her as well, so she'd not be able to love him or anyone else, and that would make the show no fun to watch, if it didn't kill her outright.
What I hope happens is that Bo cuts down the Norn's tree and takes Dysons love back, and that the two can get back to building their relationship, because not only Bo is going to miss Dyson naked, so are the viewers, myself included!


To finish that comment ... We've seen Dyson flirting with other women, which suggests that he still has a libido, but I don't think he has the capacity to form romantic attachments with anyone.


"If a wolf mates for life, then isn't that exactly the reason that he should try again with Bo? Eventually, he will see this, right?" We really, really, really don't know what the Norn did to Dyson. Think of it in this overly romantic way: There's a hole in Dyson's soul that he filled with his love for Bo. The Norn might have simply emptied that hole, in which case Dyson could once again fill it up with Bo if he were so disposed. On the other hand -- and this is more consistent with the "wolves mate for life" thing -- the Norn could have turned the Bo in Dyson's soul into the equivalent of concrete; that is, the hole is permanently filled, but it is filled with nothing, so Dyson can never love Bo OR anybody else. This latter possibility is what I think has happened. It can only be reversed by the Norn or someone of similar magical skill. Probably. And perhaps Bo will eventually decide to trade her powers to the Norn in exchange for Dyson's love. We've seen Dyson flirting with at least one other woman, so I suspect he has a libido but no capacity for romantic attachment.

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