Justified Season 4 Scoop: Who's Returning?

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Following a terrific season finale of Justified - which wrapped up the Robert Quarles storyline, while teasing new ones for next year and also bringing the focus back to Raylan and his ruined relationship with Arlo - Alan Sepinwall of HitFix spoke to showrunner Graham Yost.

In the wide-ranging interview, the latter went into detail about various aspects of "Slaughterhouse," and also gave us an idea of what to expect on season four. To wit:

As Raylan Givens

Will Limehouse return? "Yes. Given [Mykelti Williamson's] availability and all that, and how the stories are starting to shake out… I think Limehouse is a keeper. He just did great work, and it's a fun character."

What are the main questions that will drive the season? What's going to happen with Johnny, Limehouse, Boyd and Ava? What's going to happen between Raylan and Winona, once the baby is born? Do we want to do another bad guy of the year? Do we try and mix that up? Do we want to do one story? We've been thinking about [Elmore Leonard's] "Raylan" book, which came out this year, which is three stories: do we want to do that? Three four episode chunks rather than one big thing?"

What is the status of Natalie Zea, who signed on for a new Fox pilot? She'll appear in around three episodes of season for. Says Yost: "I would foresee seeing Winona in some way for the life of the series... We'll see where Winona's life goes: is she going to meet someone else, where is the baby going to live, is Raylan going to meet other people?"

Yost concluded that the theme of "betrayal" will likely play a key role going forward, especially as it pertains to Boyd, Johnny and Limehouse.


when will Justified be back on air? PLEASE?


What is the date Justified will be back on TV ?


Sometimes I rewatch the shows, and my husband says, "Why are you watching that again?". And I say, "Gotta have me a little Raylon." I just love that character along with all the others. But he is something special.


The most intelligent television program ever created.


Love this show and hope it never goes off the air. Casting is perfect the writing is amazing. I tell everyone about it. Cant wait till the season starts


There have been few shows on TV that I have watched and liked as much as I have Justified. I wait and wait until the new seasons begin just as I am right now. It is by far the best show there is on TV and followed closely by Sons of Anarchy. Keep the show going until Raylan can't hold a gun anymore. Yes it is that good. Looking forward to the next season of this great show and will watch SOA beginning next week. Superb TV show.


When IS the Season Premier???


I've turned so many people on to justified. Building a fan base is critical to keeping the best show on tv. More raylon, limehouse, boyd and art, and think about bringing a 1-armed quarles back from turning states evidence and have raylon have to protect him in the witness protection program. By far the best show on tv


Love this!!!!! Let winona go and leave the baby w/ raylan. And why not make this a regular nighttime soap opera. You know, run a hundred shows at a time! We can handle it!! What was the exact quote about the " hillbilly doorbells" ( dogs were barking). I loved it. Made a non permanent sign for my driveway w/ pics of my dogs. Would like to make it permanent. Thanks to all involved with this great show!!!!!!


totally the best show ever... When will the new season start???

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