Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

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Next Tuesday, April 10, NCIS is back with a new episode in which Tony and Ziva join Ziva’s longtime friend and mentor in Colombia in a search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain.

Also appearing next week, according to CBS' press release? Jamie Lee Curtis!

Karina Lombard guest stars as retired Interpol Agent Monique Lisson, with whom Ziva has a strong bond we'll learn more about for the first time, while Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan.

Dr. Ryan

Also, the countdown to the first NCIS wedding has officially begun! Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) reveals his best man ... who do you think it will be? One of the guys? Or someone new entirely?

Oh, and the title of this episode? "The Missionary Position." Yes, really.

Excited to see JLC back? Share your thoughts on these teasers below!

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I hope Jamie Lee Curtis comes back in Season 12. I was so excited when I saw her paired up again with Mark Harmon. Samantha Ryan is smart, beautiful and more a Gibbs' type probably when it comes to women.


Leave Jamie lee Curtis off awful actress


Please please please bring back Jamie Lee, she is perfect for Gibbs. He understands her vulnerability, he sees through her intellectual games. She makes him smile, and allows him to reveal more of himself. Opposites? Maybe but a highly entertaining match.


I loved her! I'd love to see her as a regular!


i just love to se place in any thing ,he is so sexy and a real man .I just wish really I could really see him in real person, He is my dream man.


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I am so sad to see Zeva go. It just wont be the same.


I thought I was alone not liking JLC I don't like her acting. She doesn't become the character she is just always Jamie. A bore. I too turn off NCIS when she is on. She just does not fit in. That show has such good acting and she just brings it down. Please keep her off NCIS.


JLC is annoying and I see no reason for JG to be with her! I never watched the last show with...just a terrible character to introduce into the ensemble. JG is going against his principles to be with this manipulative person. Honesty and Justice are the last things she presents!


wow!! I cannot believe that people do not see the richness that Jamie Lee Curtis brings to the cast. Her casting as a love interest for Gibbs is perfect, their differences complimenting each other and adding an unexpected warmth that I never expected. I would love to see her brought back as a cast regular and to see the love interest deepen. You have given some tantalising tidbits about the character that would be fantastic to see explored.
I love this show and have seen every episode, thank you for hours of enjoyable viewing

@ Michele

Thank you, Michele. I was so mad when I heard about "NCIS fans" disliking her on NCIS. How many people were asked? There's A LOT of fans of NCIS. Craziness. Ryan and Gibbs were fun to watch together.