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noun /amˈfibēən/ 
amphibians, plural

A cold-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that comprises the frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders. They are distinguished by having an aquatic gill-breathing larval stage followed (typically) by a terrestrial lung-breathing adult stage


@JCD good point, make sense about the scenario Barney described, I just thought there was something there to do with the magazine/news stand Ted frequents as an important locale down the road.

@Greg nice catch on the Wharmpess Beer bottle. I missed that.

@fortyseven mush obliged for the link. I'll be sure to brush up.

@Ted I hear you my man. I echoed your sentiment I think somewhat. I really hope they don't try to squeeze in such a pivitol moment toward the end like the writers of LOST did.

@Paula, the dating profile was well done TY for mentioning it. I didn't take the time to pause and read the whole thing but I did notice the part under hobbies that listed "doing the NYT's crossword." That raised my eyebrow for sure before having my suspicions confirmed by Barney's confession. In my haste to get these reviews out I do often fail to mention some things, which is why I always look forward to people like yourself who point them out. I could wax on and on about each episode but my job is to provide a solid base upon which we can get a discussion going. Thank you for the comments and keep em coming!


great review!

i loved the bearded sailor. and of course beercules.

you pointed out a lot of things i missed. think i need to watch again :)


I was right! I knew Lilly would got into labour towards the end of the episode. My halter ego Madam Butterfly (a.k.a Wendy Buchanan) ows me five bucks


The reason Barney's line wazs so specific was because the punchline was that 'none of those things exist anymore' (Travel agency, bookstore, magazines). Not that that type of meeting doesn't happen anymore, not that it does either.


Were there also throwbacks to the last visit to Atlantic city where Barney knew people and Marshal is an expert at wired games? Or was that just me?


You forgot to mention the call back to Wharmpess Beer that Ted was drinking at the end and Robin showed up as the spokeswoman. It was what Will Forte's character created


Chris, here's a compilation of "The Mother" info


i still think the mother is barney's half sister.


Good episode besides Barney/Quinn and Ted/Robin.

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