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@amazingalex & @Zia .... I know we have 3 + the cross-over episodes to go but knowing that today is their last day of working means no more pictures or spoilers or press release nothing! for months make me sad. But I wish the best cast and crew on TV all a great holiday take your time to rest all so you can come back in September to blow us away again!

And we keep the Ohana feeling going during the summer here talking about what happend in the finale and how we wish the show will continue.


Some good ideas about the finale from the previous comments.

@Amazingalex....Lena is right, now you are one of us, last summer, as far as H50 was not fun waiting so long for the season premiere. We need to be prepared. It sounds like they are going to show them splitting again, even if its just emotionally. But, we all know it will be fixed come September's episodes.
It could be that this was their last day, but I think Masi Oka probably finished before anyone else, his part is smaller. They already had their wrap party for the season, so no need for him to hang around. PLenkov tweeted that the first day of vacation was Thursday. He might have been talking about himself only, but I don't think so. Anyway, long wait after May 14th.


@lena...your going to have to help me through it.:) I am not a patient person. I dont know how the H50 fans made it last summer. That was one intense cliffhanger. I wonder what this years will be. But I am proud to now be a part of the club with my fellow H50 fans! :)

I agree about steve's mom, but maybe she faked her death to keep them safe or something like that. Or it could be joe himself. For some reason I have thought that forever...but I dont know why. We will know soon enough. I cannot wait!

The actor that plays max said they wrapped today.


@Lena..... thanx, I forgot about ep22.


@jschoi.... You have some good points there think you are right about Kono killing Delano.

They didn't squeeze eppie 24 in this one they have shut down entirety episode 2.22 which was the Kono centric episode the director from this eppie have said that on twitter.

As for so much guest stars we have more Fryers wife will also be in the episode and maybe Gracie.


@amazingalex... I can't TBH the spoiler said Joe brings Steve to the real Shellburne means Shellburne is alive I can't inmagine that a mother doesn't want to see her childeren for over 20 years, But I really can think who else Shellburne could be.

Join the waiting club over 4 weeks sweetie last year you were lucky now you are one of us LOL

Tomorrow is the last day of shooting for the cast and crew a well deserve break begins, and for us the torture of waiting no more pics and spoilers for 2 months :((


I think it will be Fryer. Delano escapes kills Fryer and Kono hunts down Delano and kills Delano, that's what I hope.
Now for my concern with the finale, it sounds to me like they are trying to squeeze the ep24 which they cut from the sched into this ep, to many people for 45 min. Besides the regular cast you have Adam, Joe, Fryer, Delano, WoFat, Hiro, Catherine. Sounds like they have 4 stories going on and I don't see how they can do it and still get everyone on. Hope I'm wrong and they can pull it off.


@lena..your welcome!!:)

Yeah I think it is def fryer and I agree with you I think shelburne is steve's mom too. But we shall see. Can you imagine???

I cannot handle a cliffhanger either. I was spared from the first season cliffhanger cause I just caught on to the show just as season 2 was starting. I watched the entire first season and then got to see the season 2 first episode like a week later. I cannot imagine waiting an entire summer for answers to that cliffhanger. Now I am gonna have to suffer along with my fellow H50 fans....I hope we can make it through!:(

I wonder why they are all so distracted so much so that they are not there for each other...SAD!!:( I hope the episode ends with them there for each other though. I love this team so much!


@amazingalex... Thanks for posting the spoilers about the finale!

My guess is Fryer will be killed of and it will be Kono who go’s on the manhunt she was the one who worked with Fryer. Joe finally tells who the real Shellburne I still think it is Steve’s mom why else did Peter Lenkov announced her name this season. sadly I forgot her name
Same story for Danny in this finale Gracie or his work!
Wonder what will in store for Chin.
I hope at the end the team will be there for each other, noooo cliffhangers please!!!


I should add the spoiler that I pasted below is in an article entitled "Must watch finales" in TV guide.

I am glad the show is getting such great recongnition!!WOO HOO!!

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