Hawaii Five-O Review: Taking Out the Trash

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"Ha'alele:" Abandoned

Allow me to start with the elephant in the room. This episode is the first of two episodes that will be affected by Alex O’Loughlin’s absence. That said, I have to give a nod to the writers and production staff for doing such a great job of adjusting this episode to deal with the missing McGarrett. I'm sure I speak for a lot of use when I say that I hope O'Loughlin's time off has helped him and I look forward to his return. 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the amount of information we got on Max this week! What a revealing episode for him. When Masi Oka first joined the cast as Max Bergman back in Season One, I really didn't like the character at all. He was too quirky, the OCD and eccentricities really turned me off the character. 

Chin at Work

What a long way we've come since then. Max has softened and they toned down his bazaar nature into more a “geeky” nature (his license plate is Warp 9 after all).

And after nearly two seasons on the show, we finally learned the answer to the question I asked when he started - why he is Asian but have the last name "Bergman." The answer was simple: he was adopted. 

But then again, the answer wasn’t really simple was it? Not when his mother was a victim of the “Trash Man”. Max has been obsessed with the case ever since.

I really enjoyed the quid pro quo of Max asking Five-O to open the case as payment for the case he reopened for them. It showed depth and character that I would not have expected in 2010. 

Speaking of quid pro quo – Kamekona’s missing shrimp truck seemed a bit tacked on. While it did offer some mild comedic relief, Danny’s initial rudeness to Kamekona had my wife commenting on what an ass he is.

How many times has Kamekona stepped up for Five-O? Danny should have at least picked up the phone and gotten some officers dedicated to the case for the man!

Thankfully Danny eased up a bit on the jackass-ery and recruited Chin Ho and Kono to help him find Kamekona’s truck, making everything right with him and team again. Except for Max, who went to pick Richard Branch (the man accused of being the serial killer) from jail. 

I understood Max’s need to help Richard when he knew he was not the killer. Just as I’m sure that killing the real killer went a long way to making it feel like there was justice (or revenge) for his biological mother's death.

Losing a parent is hard, I can't imagine it would be easier on Max just because he didn't know his biological mother, just less direct emotions. I hope that helping Richard gave Max some closure on his mother's death. 

Ironically, for having started as a character I disliked, Max truly redeemed himself this week. He is even featured in a few of the most memorable Hawaii Five-O quotes from the episode! 

What did you think of Danny’s first turn as lead dog? Did you miss McGarrett the character or Alex the actor? Can you make it through one more episode without him? Comment below!


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Kono is 27-28, reference to on bended Knees in the ep about photographer last season. Kono said she hadn't listened to boys 2 men since she was 10, Fong said on bended knees was her favorite. On bended knees was recorded in 1994, making Kono born in 1984.


Steve just had his 36th birthday on the show, and Kono being out of the academy for 2 yrs would make her 23 or 24, since you have to be at least 21 for the police academy. Yeah there are those couples that have a lot of years separating them, you can always find exceptions in anything. The majority of couples are 0-5 yrs apart, and one of them is rarely the other's boss. Like I said before, some people like them together and others do not, we are all just expressing our opinions. The writers have their own ideas.


I just read on AOL rocks that Ian Anthony Dale had tweeted that Adam had scenes "exclusively" with Kono. PLenkov said that Kono would be getting a story line. I really liked Adam, but I think he has gone over to the dark side. Even if Kono gets together with a bad guy, at least she gets more screen time. Whatever happens, I'm sure Steve, Chin, and Danny will help her out. I know some of you like Steve/Kono, I'm not one, but we all are different. You need to remember that Steve's girlfriend just became a regular for next year. I doubt they are going to put Kono in that mix. I love Catherine and Steve together and I don't think they would be hiring her to just break up with McGarrett. I think the rest of the season will be exciting and I can't wait.


I would stop watching if AOL or GP left because for me, those two are what keeps me coming back every week. Chin and Danny are just the cherries on top.
Well i tend to ship the underdog couple everytime, i know they have basically no chance of happening but still. Yea i think Steve's around 10 years older than Kono, which in real life isn't that weird. You see alot of couples with a age gap that big but Kavika i'd estimate to be at least 15 years older than Kono, if not more.


I like Danny, I don't think he is annoying at all. He and Steve make great partners, and if Danny were not there for a long period of time, the show would suffer, as if any of the 4 stars. As far as the leader, its Steve, and noone can replace him, not Danny, Chin, or anyone else. I don't like Kono with Kavika, but the point that he is older can also be made with Steve, who would be about 12 yrs older then Kono. Hey, if you like Steve with Kono thats your choice, but I don't ever see that happening.


I think Danny definitely has the ability of a leader, there's no doubting his skills in that department but i just don't think he has the appropiate personality for it. I mean Steve and Chin are quite charismatic and makes people wanna work for them.
I would pair Kono up Steve for sure but since were not getting that, then i would go for Adam. But Kavika? i think that borderlines on incest, and i think he appears to be quite a bit older than Kono, seeing as he is the leader of the Kapu


According to my poll, people would like to see Kono with Steve. I am surprised to see that Adam is far behind Fong and Steve.


I'd like to see one episode without Danny. Steve could work with Kono and Chin with Max.


i just find danny to be a horrible character. i never feel like he actually does anything that can't be done by someone else. All he does is complain and make the conversations filled with more crying then there needs to be. even now when he had the chance to step up he barely did anything. how is he lead dog? he doesn't have the skills


I hate that the season is almost over, but I can't wait to see our super seal back in action and I'm anticipating a great season finale. It's a long time until September. Alex looks great and I'm happy that DDK shows us such great BTS pictures.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Danny: Sit down, don't stand up again.
Cal: Look I was working last night, you can check with my manager.
Danny: Ok, I'm going to check with your manager and if I find out you're lying to me, I'm going to come back here and put you in a mayonnaise jar.

Chin Ho: Hey, where's McGarrett?
Danny: He left a "Dear Danny" note on my desk this morning, he's off looking for Shelburn again.