Grey's Anatomy Episode Promo: Who Failed?

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Someone is about to receive some very bad news on Grey's Anatomy.

Following an episode that sent many of our favorite doctors to San Francisco - and sent Avery and Jackson into bed together! - the ABC hit is set to deliver some bad news in the aptly-titled "Let the Bad Times Roll."

Look for the residents to agonize over their tests and to relive each answer, awaiting what all presume will be devastating career news. Elsewhere: a friend of Arizona's will arrive in need of medical attention; Julia will ask Mark to start a family with her; and Catherine will deliver the troubling news to Richard:

Yes, someone has failed.

Who do you think it will be?

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Meredith, I'm sure passed. Jackson and April passed, they are from Mercy West, Alex is too obvious. Therefore, I think its Christina. The least obvious one! :)


or Meradith/
NOT jackson or Christina


April or Alex. But she seemed to not car when she said it so their must be no personal connection so prob Alex. not Christina. she operated w a gun to her head. She'll be fine


I'm surprised so many think it's Jackson on the poll - his mother wouldn't have made the comment like that to Richard if that was the case. I disagree that it rules out April though. My bet is April or Alex. I presume that Mer's innate skills got her through, and that the scene with Cris was just deliberately misleading, and she has in fact wowed them. She would be a SHOCKER though if she did fail, so there is a slight chance it is her. Alex not showing up could be treated as an automatic fail - I don't know how the boards work, do any of you?


Oh and is the finale gonna be just one hour or two?


Alex could have missed the test and they all already know that by the time Catherine says someone failed which means it is mer or cris or April or Jackson. So Alex could be out as well as the one who failed.


@merder4ever I agree.
it seemed like Catherine put some kind of emphasis on the "one of your seattle grace doctors" part.
so in a way it could be ruling out Jackson and April.


OMG she said seattle grace doctors...not seattle grace mercy west..does that mean we are ruling out Jackson and April?...I mean there not original seattle grace docters...idk if that means anything but if it does that means it has to be one of the three originals...crap i wanted to see April fail so badly...


I think Mer failed.......on purpose. She may know she's pregnant & not want to take the next step in her career yet. This is just my theory.........


I also went with the flu storyline, never thought she could be pregnant. That would be amazing. As to who fails, I think it's probably Alex or Jackson. April can surprise in stress situations, like when they were getting their trauma training, she knew exactly what to do. Christina is Christina so she won't fail and Meredith studied really hard with the Torres method, no less. Jackson and Alex both didn't study enough, Alex spent too much time on the Morgan case and Jackson was overly confident.

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