Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Casino Royale?

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This photo from the set of Gossip Girl may not tell us much, but it speaks for itself.

Chuck. Blair. Smiling ear to ear. At what looks to be a casino. Interesting ...

As we learned in our interview with Joshua Safran last week (and simply by watching the show all season), Blair may be in a romantic relationship with Dan now, yet Chuck's presence looms over the couple.

It's unclear which episode this scene takes place in, but we can't assume Mister Chuck is out of the running. Those two obviously have a certain chemistry about them that isn't about to be swept under the rug.

Share your theories, comments and observations with us below:

Chair Casino Pic

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Dr hollis

Dair fans, with all the positive press you've been getting, why not just accept that Chair might actually become platonic friends later this season on the show? You WANT Chair to just be friends if Dair is season and series endgame, don't you? Just like Blair's now platonic friends with Nate? Why so threatened? You're on for the next several episodes! It's what you've been wanting for so long! Since you're happening... happen! Since you're winning... win! Why dismiss this photo as L & E between takes? (And for those who said Chuck's never smiled like that on the show, you must be a new viewer... did you miss the last season finale, 4x22?)


Damn you writers everytime i feel as though im going to stop watching you pull me back in with these chair spoiler pics. like a few others have said this could be in between shots but im really hoping its not.Chair:)


In many forums (or in facebook) I read about a relationship between Leighton and Ed. Many people have noticed affectionate behaviors between the two actors, who often go away togheter from the set and maybe a kiss. Obviously we can not be certain that the relationship is true.


chuck is a male prostitute, chuckistan (chuck worshipers) are female prostitutes


chuck does not deserve for lola, he is bad ass, a man whore. he deserve to be alone or with a prostitute. Nola (nate & lola) is endgame


Seriously - why are people so mean? Look at these comments - so angry!! I'm looking forward to this episode - its been a long hiatus :)


great pic.... i wanna watch this epi soon


i think all the people below are the same user:? blair hate.. chuck deserves lola? yeah right..... hahaha....


Just to leave this clear, the pics came out between Friday night and Saturday night. Before April's fool.

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