Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Casino Royale?

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This photo from the set of Gossip Girl may not tell us much, but it speaks for itself.

Chuck. Blair. Smiling ear to ear. At what looks to be a casino. Interesting ...

As we learned in our interview with Joshua Safran last week (and simply by watching the show all season), Blair may be in a romantic relationship with Dan now, yet Chuck's presence looms over the couple.

It's unclear which episode this scene takes place in, but we can't assume Mister Chuck is out of the running. Those two obviously have a certain chemistry about them that isn't about to be swept under the rug.

Share your theories, comments and observations with us below:

Chair Casino Pic

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Blair is whore
and people who like Blair is because he likes the whores


Chuck is wonderful and deserves a good woman as Lola. And Blair is the queen of the whores


I think the finale will disappoint Chair fans. As much as I want Chuck and Blair back together, that would be a predictable ending for the finale. I think that Dair will be endgame. For now. Its the best possible scenario from a writer's point of view. It will get Dair fans tuning in for fall because they will be excited to see where Dair is going. And Chair fans will tune in because they sill hold out hope for Chair. I don't doubt that when this show finally ends for good, Chuck and Blair will be together. Its meant to be. But for now, we have to accept Dair. They are cute together. Dan is so good to her. I think he has come into her life this way, to help her grow and really become who she truly is. Ultimately, making her a better person so that when she and Chuck do end up back together, they will FINALLY stay together. Sometimes people come into our lives just for that reason. To make us better people. So Dair is fine for now. But Chair is forever!!!!!!

Snow not so white

This time I will just say that I love smile on Chuck's face =)


I'm so totally frustrated with this season, so I'm betting these new pictures don't mean we get a chair reunion. Safron clearly loves Dair I read somewhere that they wanted to take the show in a new direction - well you've succeeded to drive a once brilliant show into lame-ville with your new completely average couple - big pat on the back! Well done! I'm
Sorry fellow chair lovers but I reckon it will be a Dair ending!
As I wrote that I felt pain!!


Oh..not so fast! First let the couple (dair) be the couple. Then let Bass be a real Bass. I'd bet Jack motivates Chuck to do something about dair.. >.


Cant wait for tonight!! Blair is great people are being way to harsh, give me a break.....


So the troll goes to both Dair and Chair articles to insult Blair? lol. Now you want Chuck with Lola? Why not Ivy? She's the "purest" since she hasn't slept with anyone on the UES.


i am a CB fan but this will not make me watch this show again .They ruined everyhting with dair


@chiara -wait what? ed and Leigh dating?

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