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The CW has released its official synopsis for the upcoming fifth season finale of Gossip Girl, airing Monday, May 14. On that night, Blair Waldorf makes a choice between the two men in her life.

The episode title: "The Return of the Ring."

There's a lot else going on in this installment, which executive producer Josh Safran told us will include a major cliffhanger and forever alter the fabric of the show. Here's what lies in store ...

Blair at the Party
  • When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare.
  • Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage. 
  • Nate invites Lola to move in with him.
  • Finally, by episode’s end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan?

Sounds like an intense episode. What do you think turns Gossip Girl against Blair so dramatically? Does this mean she wrests back control of the site? And will Serena's role as Gossip Girl 3.0 be exposed?

Can Rufus and Lily survive, and will the lovely Lola accept Nate's bold request?

Finally, do you think the episode's title implies that Chuck's engagement ring will make another appearance? Will Blair actually choose Dan for the long haul if Chuck makes one final play for her affections?

Two episodes remain ("Raiders of the Lost Art" and "The Fugitives") between now and then, and the possibilities for our beloved characters are endless, especially in light of recent developments.

UPDATE, 5/2: There are rumors of a Derena reunion, as well as a Monaco trip. Serena's role remains unclear, but part of the finale does take place overseas, and at least two central characters are there.

UPDATE, 5/3: Apparently Serena is getting a "new" love interest ... who we already know. And the choice Blair makes will NOT be a cliffhanger. She will make a clear choice, one way or the other.

UPDATE, 5/11: According to new intel, someone will “see” Gossip Girl, while the final scene will feature two characters - one male, one female - and does not take place in New York. So ... there you go.

Share your predictions with us below, and vote:

Who should Blair choose on Gossip Girl?

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I also know about a couple of dudes that shipped Chuck and Blair, they used to post in the CB thread of this forum, one was from India and the other from China. Also, I have read comments from women (in or around their thirties) saying that although their husbands, boyfriends or male friends don't regularly watch the show, when they have watched it with them they are all like "wasn't the brunette with the other guy (Chuck)? What's she doing with that guy (Dan)?


@Bp I understand you being upset over @cclairef's comment which was over the top but you are definitely being melodramatic with your own "rant" over people's opinion. If you actually read @mrsBass's comments in a calm state of mind you would have read "many" and not "all" fans will not come back for season six. How do you know her comment is inane and what makes it ridiculous? How certain are you that she will not walk away if Ban are still shoved down her throat? Many former fans of the show have stopped watching as is evident from the ratings and more will walk away if the show continues in its downward spiral.


the ring has nothing to do with chair, but with rufly!
maybe chair goes to the casino so blair gives the downry's money back to chuck
as long as chair is endgame i don't mind who blair chooses but i think she shoudn't choose neither of them. she has to figure out who she really is and who she wants to be
i don't want serena's and blair's relationship to end, wasn't that supposed to be the heart of the show?
chuck is my favourite character in the show. i want him to be happy
so if diana is not chuck's real mother, she is a really good actress, just saying


She is so happy with Dan, she belongs with him !
Chair is boring, Dair is the best Gossip Girl couple ever !


Chuck proposes to Serena with the ring just as Blair goes to tell him she loves him - that would be classic! It's sad that Blair even gets to choose, I'm so bored of this shell of a once amazing character


Believe me my doll is firmly tucked up my pram. It's just so boring to read the same pointless rants over and over and the inane threats to stop watching. It is ridiculous to make such statements, be crass about the characters and bash other fans about the stuff they like. I like all the ships for varying different reasons and don't see the need to be so melodramatic if things aren't going your way.


Errrrm @Mrs Bass said "many" and not "all". No need to throw your doll out of the pram!


Can she please disappear somewhere? Dont get me wrong but this Blair would choose between two men has been going on since s 2. In s 2 it was Nate or Chuck, then in s 3 it was date with Cameron or meet up with Chuck, in s4 it was Louis and Chuck and in s5 its Dan and Chuck- YAYEE?!?!? Is this new or fresh in any way or manner? I used to love Blair and usually rejoice in all her relationships. But I have lost all the love I had for Blair this season. She went from awesome to awful so very quickly that now I have zero interest in her life or choices. She is no longer a dynamic character or even root worthy character- I will just end feeling sorry for whoever she chooses.. The only interesting part is the Serena playing some part in GG scheme. Everything else seems boring. Worst finale ever?


Give it a rest! There's is no need to be rude about other fans and their preferences
Don't generalise. Not all fans will throw their toys out of the pram!


If Blair choses Dan in the end, I am not coming back for Season Six. And im sure MANY will follow the same route.

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