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The CW has released its official synopsis for the upcoming fifth season finale of Gossip Girl, airing Monday, May 14. On that night, Blair Waldorf makes a choice between the two men in her life.

The episode title: "The Return of the Ring."

There's a lot else going on in this installment, which executive producer Josh Safran told us will include a major cliffhanger and forever alter the fabric of the show. Here's what lies in store ...

Blair at the Party
  • When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare.
  • Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage. 
  • Nate invites Lola to move in with him.
  • Finally, by episode’s end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan?

Sounds like an intense episode. What do you think turns Gossip Girl against Blair so dramatically? Does this mean she wrests back control of the site? And will Serena's role as Gossip Girl 3.0 be exposed?

Can Rufus and Lily survive, and will the lovely Lola accept Nate's bold request?

Finally, do you think the episode's title implies that Chuck's engagement ring will make another appearance? Will Blair actually choose Dan for the long haul if Chuck makes one final play for her affections?

Two episodes remain ("Raiders of the Lost Art" and "The Fugitives") between now and then, and the possibilities for our beloved characters are endless, especially in light of recent developments.

UPDATE, 5/2: There are rumors of a Derena reunion, as well as a Monaco trip. Serena's role remains unclear, but part of the finale does take place overseas, and at least two central characters are there.

UPDATE, 5/3: Apparently Serena is getting a "new" love interest ... who we already know. And the choice Blair makes will NOT be a cliffhanger. She will make a clear choice, one way or the other.

UPDATE, 5/11: According to new intel, someone will “see” Gossip Girl, while the final scene will feature two characters - one male, one female - and does not take place in New York. So ... there you go.

Share your predictions with us below, and vote:

Who should Blair choose on Gossip Girl?

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i totally agree with you, kari, too much high school drama chuck and blair.
been there, done that!! i know she will chose chuck, yes she will, but i also know, she will regret it, and that's when they will make dan come back.


DAIR, chuck is the same old boring story, scandal love scandal hate you drama love hate you break up, the audience is growing old with this show like the characters, please let them grow up, NO MORE HIGHSCHOOL DRAMA, i am not 18 like most of the girls who started watching gg last year, i watched it since the very first time, and i used to love chair, yeah when i was in highschool- college, not now!!!


if people wants chuck to end up with blair, it means that they are totally pro toxic relationships, chuck was good for blair, yes, in a time where blair was really immature and highschool drama was everything she had, but i do not believe chuck is a man who will make blair grow as a person, itelectually speaking, CHuck will always let her down in some ways, he is a type of guy who will promise to change and somehow among the years he will forget about all those promises and will make blair miserable, on the other hand, dan is a person who is sweet and caring, and who without any schemes gives blair real happiness, plain happiness, without scandals, without pressure i believe most of the girls who want chuck and blair to end up together are not older than 20 years, cause a grown up and mature woman after knowing how man this days are will pay whatever it takes to get a man as caring, mature, friend like dan who can give blair tranquility stability and a family and show her there are much more important things than money, status and love games, lets get real they are not highschoolers anymore they are 23, 24 i am that age, young people at that age, mostly women we get sick of chucks, (is like so few richards and so many dicks) we get sick on guys promising they are going to change, when things start bad, they end up bad, i believe dan and blair can teach the society how a real good relationship no drama but pure caring love, can be.


I really want Derena and Chair back. Dair is just really boring, also Penn and Leighton have no chemistry. The show is finally turning a lot more interesting, can't wait for season 6 and the 2 remaining episodes!! DERENA!!!!


Return Serena and Dan, they are each other's destiny!


chair is epic! bring them backkk


oh! also, i noticed today, when blair didn't say she loved him... dair fans are mad again. i saw this quite a few times " if dair breaks up, i am not watching anymore" makes me laugh! they were telling gossip girl writers. " well you'l always have us." turning your minds are you? LOL


@someone, I totally, totally, totally agree with you. Especially with your last comment. I can't add anything else, since you already said it all!
Chair FTW, always!


Trouble with Nate... runs to Chuck
Trouble with Marcus... runs to chuck
Trouble with Louis... runs to Chuck
Trouble with Dan.. no doubt run to Chuck Trouble with Chuck... runs to other men. but never the same guy... it's because her heart will always belong to chuck.


And sorry DAN FANS but ive been watching him with Serena in season one and him with Vanessa... really... he acts no different with her then he did with Serena and Vanessa. In fact, he was there for Serena a lot more then he has been for Blair. YOU show me a scene with DAN and Blair and I will show you a scene with Dan and Serena... or Dan and Vanessa, that is about the same way he is with Blair. :D Can you do that with Chuck and any other girl? Nope. because his heart has always only been for Blair. The only two girls Chuck has ever been with in a serious matter other then Blair... had no comparison to the Chair aspects... Dan has had loads of serious ones... rather comparable to Dair.

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