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The CW has released its official synopsis for the upcoming fifth season finale of Gossip Girl, airing Monday, May 14. On that night, Blair Waldorf makes a choice between the two men in her life.

The episode title: "The Return of the Ring."

There's a lot else going on in this installment, which executive producer Josh Safran told us will include a major cliffhanger and forever alter the fabric of the show. Here's what lies in store ...

Blair at the Party
  • When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare.
  • Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage. 
  • Nate invites Lola to move in with him.
  • Finally, by episode’s end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan?

Sounds like an intense episode. What do you think turns Gossip Girl against Blair so dramatically? Does this mean she wrests back control of the site? And will Serena's role as Gossip Girl 3.0 be exposed?

Can Rufus and Lily survive, and will the lovely Lola accept Nate's bold request?

Finally, do you think the episode's title implies that Chuck's engagement ring will make another appearance? Will Blair actually choose Dan for the long haul if Chuck makes one final play for her affections?

Two episodes remain ("Raiders of the Lost Art" and "The Fugitives") between now and then, and the possibilities for our beloved characters are endless, especially in light of recent developments.

UPDATE, 5/2: There are rumors of a Derena reunion, as well as a Monaco trip. Serena's role remains unclear, but part of the finale does take place overseas, and at least two central characters are there.

UPDATE, 5/3: Apparently Serena is getting a "new" love interest ... who we already know. And the choice Blair makes will NOT be a cliffhanger. She will make a clear choice, one way or the other.

UPDATE, 5/11: According to new intel, someone will “see” Gossip Girl, while the final scene will feature two characters - one male, one female - and does not take place in New York. So ... there you go.

Share your predictions with us below, and vote:

Who should Blair choose on Gossip Girl?

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You're wrong, Dan was not courage to prevent the wedding. If he ever did, he would then admit to Blair that he is in love with her. Dan has used Chuck to get him away from Blair. A video that sent Dan, he received from Serena (with her was left camera). The question is why Dan took the blame on himself (still love for Serena)? As for the guilt for what happened from the marriage is to blame only Blair. No one is forced her to marry a man she does not like! Chuck came to stop her to make a mistake, but as usual when Blair is wrong she is wrong to the end (Yale). A dowry, Chuck is not guilty of anything. On the contrary, Blair is to blame because she married Louis with damaging for her pre-marital agreement. Chuck sent the video how are Dan and Blair kissing, because Dan had snatched from him his girlfriend. Anything else, Chuck did a good deed, paying dowry for Blair, and thus freeing her from a bad marriage! As for Dan scholarship to Rome, maybe you're right, but then it looks like the end of a season 1, when Rufus went on tour, after the wedding of Lily and Bart! If Chuck is responsible for this and around Rome, a man is fighting for the love of his life - Blair!


Dan was the only one with the courage to stop the wedding with sending the video because he knew Blair didn't love Louis. He didn't think that Blair was going to call him for getting away or that Blair would choose him for now. Without Dan doing that, Blair would be in Monaco with Louis & there would be NO chance of a Chair.Chuck paid the dowry(no need to swear)because it was his fault that the dowry had to be paid in the first place because he sent the pic of Dair kissing. Did you see him rub up against one of the girls @ the brothel? I think he is behind the internship because of his past using of Alessandra. Time will tell. Just saying.


Chuck is changed, it's a fact! He paid a fuc###g dowry for Blair, that's reason enough. Chuck is not furnished a situation around Rome. And if he did it, so what. He returned to tit for tat to Dan. Dan was doing the same for Chuck. Dan was with a deception snatched girl on Chuck. You forgot who sent the video to 100 episode - Dan, and so dropped out of the game Chuck and Louis. Chuck has changed for the better, but therefore Dan has changed for the worse! And the couples that last through a series of 4.5 seasons (Chuck and Blair) and 4 seasons (Serena and Dan) should be the end of the series to have a happy ending! And yes I am a big fan of Serena and Dan!


Been watching since season 1 & I don't feel the same couples HAVE to be together in the end. You are not the same person you are when you are in high school. I am a Dair fan but I don't think the writers have given them any of the passionate chemistry that a couple in their 20s has. I don't think Chuck has changed. I feel he is behind the Rome internship & he will try to divert Blair at a time when he knows Dan needs her to be with him. Time will tell.


@ claire
how do you know this?


SPOILER ALERT: Regarding Blair and Chuck: Blair chooses Dan - but things don't go to plan. Apparently Dan is not returning for season 6 so that should tell us all the information we need to know.


some days ago I saw a new picture of leighton meester and ed westwick infront of the harry winston shop where the engagement ring was bought, so good bye dair, and lets welcome back the best couple CHAIR


How can anyone say Dan doesn't scheme to win Blair's affections? Did you not see the 100th episode where he sent in that video or last nights episode where he lied straight to her face and said they decided against him for Rome? All he does is try to weasel his way into Blair's heart. Chuck may have been a major jerk but he has also become the man she always wanted him to be. And quite frankly the least juvenile out of all the characters right now.


LOVED last night's episode.. I HOPE Blair and Chuck reunite!! It wouldn't be the same with out them finally together :)
Love Gossip Girl!


I respect your opinion, but you have not watched the series from the beginning! This is not real life, this is a TV series, everything is invented. You're wrong when it comes to Chuck. Chuck has changed, he became a better person or what would you said he grew up. Proof of this is – Chuck pay the fu###g dowry for Blair. He has thrown millions of $, and Blair was not with him! As for which who has failed more - both are the same. Blair is not anything better than Chuck in this regard. Chuck and Blair are the same - two sides of one coin, and therefore they are combined. As for Dan, you totally missed! The way you describe Dan, it was only with Serena, and not with Blair. The second, Dan was by fraud came to Blair, have you forgotten the video clip he was sent to GG in 100 episode? Since Dan is with Blair, he has become a worse person than he was when he was with Serena. By the way, I am the man, and I'm a big fan of SERENA AND DAN! Just to be clear.

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