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Maybe Lily returns her ring to Rufus, which makes a way for Serena and Dan to get together next season because Lily and Rufus will get a divorce? Even though I personally like Serenate...Blair cannot refuse Chuck again that would be utterly ridiculous, she's already done that too many times...if she does it again then Chuck will just be forced to give up forever :(


Just read a spoiler don't know how true it is.
If you don't wanna know don't read this
Nate asks Lola to move in with him and Lola says no.
Dan goes to Rome and asks Blair to come with him. Chuck finds out who's his real mother is and asks Blair to come with him to meet her. Blair is torn apart and decides to go with Dam because she's is Dan GF but goes to tell Chuck first Dan looks for Blair to convince her to come with him and gets a blast from GG of Blair and Chuck together a hurtful Dan decides to go to Rome and forget Blair. Blair gets the blast and try's to tell Dan it wasn't what he thinks but Dan tells Blair she needs to make up her mind it's chuck or Dan not both. Blair tells chuck she can no longer be friends with him because she loves Dan. Dan tells Blair he wants to go to Rome alone. A confused heart broken Blair runs into Nate and they hang out?


Blair is a prostitute who cannot close the legs and to must end alone


You speak about this Chuck's form because you have never had sex


Because you are not going to clean to Blair the blood that Dan left him between the legs


The vagina of a prostitute is better than Blair's vagina. And your you are a shit


You are a stupid


I think that Blair is going to choose Chuck. But Chuck is not going to want to be with Blair
Blair is a prostitute and must end alone


Given that this is the LAST EPISODE of THE ERA OF SAFRAN, I expect very little from the season finale.

As usual, Safran makes a big fuzz of -what probably will be- a very predicted move.

My toughts?
-Lily will return the ring to Rufus
-Dan will say "I love you" and give the ring to Blair, who will take her time to decide if she wants to get married again.
-Chuck will ask B, again, to marry him (how many times can this man propose?)

That's what I got so far...


What I hope for: Chair reunion or engagement.

What I expect: To be screwed over, in spite of more Chair-positive signs and spoilers than we've had in AGES, just because the GGWriters have been screwing us over for the past 3 years.

What will happen: Your guess is as good as mine.

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