Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Biggest Surprise of the Year"

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In their weekly preview, the producers of Gossip Girl give us a glimpse at the coming week's episode, "Raiders of the Lost Art," and tease what they are calling the biggest surprise of the season.

Executive Producer Joshua Safran, who is reportedly leaving the show to run Smash at the end of the season, is joined by his fellow writers in mapping out the third-to-last episode of Season 5.

Here's a sneak preview with clips from the installment, plus their commentary:

As we know, Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Serena-Lite are teaming up to find Jack and uncover Diana's secret. This apparently results in some great comedic exchanges, and leaves Dan out in the cold.

It also gives way to the mother of all shockers as "Raiders of the Lost Art" concludes.

Says the episode's writer, Jake Coburn, "If you're a fan, you need to see the end of the episode, because it's going to forever change the landscape of the show, and you're going to want to see it for yourself."

Adds Safran, "Spoiler alert, this is probably the biggest surprise of the year."

What do you think it is?! Hit the comments below and tell us ...

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Ok. And when Chuck met Ivy? I think that Chuck does not know Ivy. Why is Ivy? When Serena is available to Chuck!


Sorry I meant not Confirmed. But this person has been right in the past


Confirmed Spoiler Read Blair sees Chuck K Ivy


@ in a dair need of dair
First, Chuck would have to re-buy the ring from Harry Winston. He's already returned in episode 8x5. The ring is no longer with Chuck, and its value is not too large, perhaps up to $ 100,000. Then why is Chuck and Blair in general gambling at a casino? I do not believe that Chuck and Blair come to gamble in a casino, probably because there are is scheme!


Maybe Jenny returns And she is GoSsip Girl and is torurting Blair because she's with her brother Dan. That would be great Jenny returning big surprise! Jenny is gg pretty interesting IMO. This would also be a time to get back Jenny and Nate!!!!!!!!!!! Please Jenny to move in with Nate haha.
I know the actress who plays jenny, Taylor is busy and It made clear she wants to stop acting! But wouldn't it surprise you. Idk I think if they bring back Jenny tho they can have a good year nex yr anyways.


I'm so tired of this show. They said the same thing about the pregnancy and it wasn't shocking at all.


seems to me that in the finale, chuck and blair will sell the ring and gamble away the money at the casino :)


@chrys If you read this i so agree with you why is she in the scheme?.I can't believe chuck or even serena want her there.You read my thoughts


"biggest suprise of the year" what? blair is in love with rufus?


Is it weirdly wishful thinking induced by denial that Serena and Dan might be kissing? Or maybe, maybe Jack and Diana are kissing. Bart could be alive, considering Gossip Girl has become more or less a daytime soap, however it seems unlikely and the writers will have to do a lot of explaining worth of two years. And this season has proved that the writers arent really good at doing anything. As of now.