Game of Thrones Round Table: "What Is Dead May Never Die"

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The Game of Thrones Round Table has returned - and do we have a lot to discuss!

On "What is Dead May Never Die," viewers met a couple new characters; watched as Theon made a life-altering decision; saw an especially soft side to Sam; and observed, once again, Tyrion in all his awesomeness.

Join TV Fanatics Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger now as they relive the episode's best, worst and most memorable moments...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gotta go with Cersei's complete and utter breakdown at having her daughter sent away. The Queen Regent coming to grips with what she has created in Joffrey is almost enough to make me feel bad for her. Almost.

Carissa: When Brienne took off her helmet and revealed her gender. I love a good ass-kicking female.

Dan: My favorite had to be when Adam Friedberg decided to add all the nudity to this week's episode. Wait, that was just a sketch on Saturday Night Live? Now I'm confused.

Eric: No clue if it was technically three different scenes, but Tyrion telling each of the little spies he was marrying Myrcella to three different suitors. Pretty hilarious to be the least trustworthy of a group that included Varys and Littlefinger...

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Should Tyrion team up with Varys?
Matt: What are we talking about here? In bar trivia? Absolutely, they'd dominate. In a two-on-two basketball tournament? No way. They'd get killed.

Carissa: No. Tyrion is too smart to team up with anyone who has stabbed others in the back in the past. He really shouldn't look beyond Bronn for fealty. Anybody who wants power is only going to turn on him in the end. If they are only after money, that can easily be appeased.

Dan: Nope. Tyrion shouldn't trust anyone but himself. It is nice to weed out the most untrustworthy, but don't settle there. If he needs Varys to help him for something, okay, but don't actually team up with him. He can't be trusted.

Eric: Absolutely! Tyrion is probably the only man smart and dubious enough to team up with the likes of Varys and Little Finger and not get tricked, Ned Stark style. Go ahead and play him.

More impressive debut: Brienne or Margaery?
Matt: Margaery. Her response to Renly's... less than excited reaction to her flirtation left me laughing and gasping. Do you want my brother to come in and help? Do you wanna bend me over and pretend I'm a guy? I loved her directness and her ambition. Already a fascinating character.

Carissa: Brienne. Not that I don't mind seeing Anne Bolelyn again, but she frightens me.

Dan: Brienne. That woman is huge! Did the show enhance her size like the direwolves or is the actress actually that big? Impressive.

Eric: Brienne! Wow, I always pictured her as being a big girl, but, man, did her presence make taking down the Knight of Flowers believable! Not that Margaery didn't hilariously win me over with the proposal of Loras getting Renley started.

Did Theon make the right choice?
Matt: No. He was guilt-tripped by his father, but he should have stayed strong and remained loyal to Robb. In a world where brothers are willing to kill each other for the Iron Throne, and where siblings procreate, the concept of family is quite malleable. The Starks are Theon's true family.

Carissa: I don't think Theon even knows how to make a choice. He was given away, raised by a decent enough fellow, returned home in what he hoped was to be a triumphant manner only to be pissed upon by the man that gave him away... His head has to be spinning in a million different directions right now. Who to please? Who to betray? My guess is he will end up only looking after himself.

Dan: No, but can you blame him? His life has been seriously messed up by that family. Who would know why he makes any of the decisions that he does.

Eric: No way. Prisoner or not, that guy was raised by the Starks and trusted by Robb when set free. Now you're just going to betray them?!? Have fun with your weird incestuous name-changing sister.

How would you define power?
Matt: I'm mostly with Cersei on this one. As Ned Stark found out, and as any country that goes to war with the United States finds out, power is most often the result of sheer might and impressive numbers. You know what Theodore Roosevelt said about talking and sticks, don't you?

Carissa: The ability to lead others without fear, to draw them to you with your wisdom, compassion and integrity. To treat them equally and allow them a way to earn their place in life. To protect them from harm and have the balls to put them in their place when they don't follow the rules set by you to attain those goals without placing others in harms way. I am made to be a queen, dammit.

Dan: I would define it as a dwarf son of the high lord Tywin Lannister, as well as Jaime and Cersei's younger brother. It is extremely cunning and a big fan of the brothels. Also known as Tyrion.

Eric: Much like Tyrion, I could barely follow Varys' riddle. Even putting that perception and shadows aside, as intelligent of a species as we are, at the end of the day, it really does just come down to the man with the sword... or crossbow.

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