Fringe Review: Make Way For A Different Happy Ending

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I always forget that they don't have coffee in alternate universe. Between Fauxlivia's craving a Latte and their little spat about Mantis and Batman "Everything in its Right Place" shined a light on what I love and have missed from our visits over there.

Have any of our other alternates ever had a moment of sharing their past information as did the Lincolns? I really enjoyed that, especially since Lincoln was trying to determine how Alt-Lincoln became so incredibly confident and he didn't. Who wouldn't want to know those things? Addressing it was so fun and interesting to me. Am I the only one?

Alt. Lincoln

So the shapeshifter they were chasing was the first, and a mistake. Have we seen others shift in the way he did? I definitely preferred the metallic gizmo we've seen used to pluck out life force rather than that (insert your own opinion of the turkey neck looking item here) thing that he was jamming down people's throats. Talk about gag worthy! Is that what made him a dud?

I completely lost track of the season and wondered why Broyles' had a beef with Lincoln. I thought he was pissed that our team was looked at like heroes over there. Hello! Bad guy. Perhaps even a shifter himself. There was so much going on with Peter and Olivia that naughty Nina and bad Broyles had escaped my train of thought. At least his unpleasant behavior gave the Lincolns more of a chance to bond. Thank God they took advantage of the time they had.

The rest of the show came out and smacked me in the face. When Alt-Astrid entered Broyles office, I was certain she had something to say about his being a shapeshifter, or Nina. The death of Alt-Lincoln? NO! No. And yet, it made perfect sense. Lincoln was going to be in love with Olivia, one of the Olivias, no matter what. With Alt-Lincoln's death, a door was opened for him to step into a man's shoes who he admired, who worked closely with someone with whom he was already fond. He had an opportunity to face himself in a way most of us will never be able.

Lincoln chose to stay on the other side to help Fauxlivia for a while. Maybe that will be his chance to find his own footing, his own home, the one place he's never truly felt in his own world. But what will that mean for us? I hope it means more dual universe episodes, because I don't want to lose more characters. Lincoln has become very beloved this season, and if that was to draw us closer to Fauxlivia, they didn't need to go that far. But welcome new recruits!

Were you as shocked with the night's events as I was? Nina in holding, Alt-Lincoln dead after a gunshot wound, even though he survived becoming a crispy critter when we first met. Where will that leave Broyles? He's going to feel pinned to the wall with them crumbling around him. How will Lincoln rise to the new challenge and fill Alt-Lincoln's shoes? Where will our team fit into this new dynamic?

This season has been outstanding so far. What say you?


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It amazes me that after reading two of reviews of the "Astrid" and "Lincoln" episodes, you didn't worry about Anna Torv. But when it was JOSHUA JACKSON turn to have his own episodes, you spent an entire review complaining about Anna. In the words of alt Lincoln lee, "huh".


Kansas Guest: Faulivia actually wounded him (he probably would have died any way). Why not let the shapeshifter have his body? As for Lincoln, I doubt he would try to replace the old Linc, but with his experience, knowledge, and now a sense of feeling needed a life in the altverse probably would be more fulfilling and meaningful than his own world where he doesn't feel is really is.


What I'd really like to see in an alternate universe: Nearly everything exactly the same, except they eat corn-on-the-cob vertically. . . too vague? (Father Guido Sarducci reference)
I won't be too critical since after the first season I only keep watching this show because my wife is a big fan, so I pretend to be. I do like Dr. Bishop and the cow, but Olivia is too serious, too dark and Fauxlivia is too over-the-top outgoing, though admittedly hotter (red hair, form-fitting combat pants, more relaxed morals) than original-recipe-Olivia. Peter is okay.
I don't hate the show, it's just not my thing. A little too 'deus ex machina'.


HELLO-------> Alt. Broyles is a SHAPESHIFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@Malternate - Thank you for the clarification on the shapeshifter!


Usually I don't really care for the alternate universe, but this episode was great. What I love about this show is that it's not just about the cases, but about relationships and characters, and it keeps it interesting. By the way, how hilarious was that scene with the cow? A FBI cow-suit, really?


Looking back it's clear that for some reason alt-Lincoln is different from Alt-Lincoln of last year. He had a swagger than red Lincoln didn't have last year. Confidence or cockiness, take your pick but its interesting that some people feel he's the real Lincoln. It seems to me that he had changed rather a great deal from the third season to the fourth and that change should have felt irritating to people. I don't see Lincoln stepping into his doubles shoes so much as carving a niche for himself. Last year's red Lincoln was in love with red Olivia, why is it so surprising that Blue Lincoln would fall in love with her as well? Addendum: I love the fact that the writers seem to even watch sci-fi. Anyone getting a Farscape vibe from this episode.


I would rather watch the alt universe than the crap they are doing in the regular one tbh.


"Why did the shapeshifter have a different appearance in the end? Did Fringe Division approve the killing of AltNina's employee just to gain access?" Canaan took the appearance of the assassin who killed Blincoln, the same man Bolivia shot on the rooftop. To keep the moral choices simple, let's assume he was dead and not merely wounded.


This season has lagged behind 2 and 3 and been uneven at times because of Peter's disappearance. Most of this season has been trying to correct for that poor choice. But this ep was the best of Season 4. Just extraordinary writing and performances, fast paced with clever, shocking, touching plot twists. Just marvelous. One reason I'm sometimes tough on this series with constructive criticism is knowing they can produce such amazing television as this week. Just fantastic in every way. And what a terrific directorial debut.

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Alt-Lincoln: Oh, you mean Mantis.
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