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I, like many TV Fanatics, wondered how long the crew of the Astraeus would be trapped in the virtual world created by Beverly Barlow.  

Fortunately, "Force Quit" answered that question for all of us, as Beverly Barlow helped get Jack into the virtual construct to help save everyone.

Carter To The Rescue

I have to hand it to Jamie Paglia and his team. Using a single episode for each of the three “acts” of the virtual reality story was quite brilliant. Also, I’m glad that our final season will not be a constant struggle to find the crew or watch the crew try to escape the virtual world. I can watch The Matrix any time I want, thank you.

That aside, watching Jack in the virtual world offered some classic moments for Colin Ferguson.  

Is anyone else totally heartbroken for Fargo and the loss of Holly? I knew her death last week would be met with some skepticism and I hoped she wasn’t really dead. But, alas, like Fargo, we have to adjust to the loss. I’m just hoping that we get to see Fargo move on and find happiness again before the end of the season. 

Speaking of finding happiness, watching Jack and Allison together again reminded me why I love them together so much, as exampled by this offering from our Eureka quotes section:

Jack: It's me, the real Jack, I love you.. Do you trust me?
Allison: No.
Jack: Really??! I thought that would go differently. | permalink

Okay, I’m going out on a limb and say that I have a new respect for Barlow. Which is a far cry from where I was two weeks ago. I know that many of you won’t agree with me, but watching her try and convince Henry why she has done all that she has made me better understand her motivations. 

That’s not to say I agree with them, but I see her closer to a vigilante who is doing what she believes is right, even if it breaks the law. After all, she did save Carter when she could have easily taken off and let him die. 

Besides, regardless of wither you love her or hate Beverly, you have to enjoy the irony of what she did with Senator Wen by trapping her in an Escher-like version of the sheriff’s office. 

Does this tidbit tell us we may see Wen and Beverly again before all is said and done? 


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Strike 3 science fiction channel.
I'm done with you. You pass on a great show for tacky low-quality CG movies and wrestling.
Strike 1: changing from Sci-Fi to Seee-Feee
Strikes 2&3: Cancelling Eureka


Hey, did anyone notice that for four moths, Jack kinda stole Allison's kids, and nobody bats an eye at it? I mean, I know they were dating and she was on the verge of moving in with him, but still he's not their legal guardian in any sort of sense. It happened in the fake reality too, though that could be seen as an extrapolation from the fact that that detail was based on Allison's memories and she was going to move in with him. Its not really immoral (he's the obvious choice, just not the legal one), its just odd, like Jack called dibbs or something.


I really do feel bad for Frago. He finally found somebody he could be with and now she has to die. I do hope they find someway to bring her back. I know fargo will be alright with his friends but such a tragic lost


Meh. Beverly probably has Holly stashed away somewhere in stasis or a coma.


I'm really wondering if Fargo will take revenge on Senator Wen. He's usually a quiet guy but with Holly being so callously terminated by Wen maybe we'll get to see some real eye for an eye justice. I think it would be deserved.


The great thing about Sci-Fi (the genera) is that no one ever completely dies. While she had a minor role I did like Holly. And they will probably figure out some way to bring her back. I don't really want to see a "happily ever after" ending to the series. That ties up too many lose ends, and while I know it's very unlikely, I'm still hoping for another few seasons somewhere down the road. At the very least a direct to DVD movie. I foresee an episode where Fargo builds himself a "Matrix" and tries to bring back Holly that way. Or, he is going to try something dangerous like what Henry did while he tried to bring back Kim. We'll see what this final season has in store for us. While Eureka is one of my favoirte shows on. To be honest, I never expected it to make it as far as it did. I always felt that "this" season. (Beginning from 1) was going to be the last. Networks have a tenancy to cancel really good shows before their prime "Journeyman" Defying Gravity" and "Firefly" to name a few.


The quality of this, the final season of Eureka only shows the lack in judgment from SYFY to cancel this high quality show. This is a show that could been one of those that had a history making run. Thumbs up to the great, imaginative writers. I want to see where these people go next, the marriages, the inventions, the world wide catastophies they stop but now that won't happen. Sad.


Great episode. I am thrilled that everyone is free. Poor Andy. It is going to take a bit of time for everyone to adjust to reality, but they will. I feel so bad for Fargo, but he has lots of friends who care about him. He will be alright. Of course, Beverly escaped, but I liked her punishment for Senator Wen. I want Beverly to get hers before the show is over though.


"Force Quit": A strong finish to the best intro story arc ever by Eureka's writers. The Beverly "Bad Penny" Barlow "revenge is a dish best served cold" ending was Twilight Zone good. Makes me glad she's only a fictional character. I do believe Beverly will be back. I hope the writers have one last whiplash inducing twist that will return her.


I think they should bring back Holly and have Fargo and her pilot off into space.
I've just watched the latest episode of Eureka. Its a shame that they killed off the character Holly, they need to find a way to bring her back so that she and Fargo can sneak away, well after Jack and Allison's wedding. I think all the characters should get to live, just split up and go their own way. Perhaps having the character Zane take Jo to go live on their own ranch. The sheriff and Allison get married and go to live with her kids, move to Oregon. Fargo and (Holly comes back) blast off into outerspace to become the first deep space explorers. With Henry and his wife, set sail into the ocean blue.

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Eureka Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Jack: Why should we trust you?
Beverly: Because today we are on the same side.

Beverly: I came to you, is the cell really necessary?
Jack: Oh, let me think.. YES