Castle Review: Tomorrow's Never Promised

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Another week, another solid episode. Following up from last week’s “47 Seconds,” Castle returned with "The Limey." The hour featured great guest stars, forward movement and some hot looking people. Let’s discuss.

International Love. The weekly case focused on the murder of a British model who had been looking for clues to the murder of her doctor boyfriend. The victim found herself in the company of a rapper and British Consulate director who was played by Charles Shaughnessy from The Nanny. The case was pretty standard. Typical twists and turns, but interesting and entertaining nonetheless. 

How hilarious were the two rappers?!? Biggie Slim and Nikki J? Classic Castle humor. The other best thing about this installment? Well, that would be...

Shirtless Holdup

McSteamy McScotland. Hello, Brett Tucker! Where have you been hiding? Apparently on several episodes of Spartacus, which I will now be catching up on. Tucker played Detective Colin Hunt and he played him well. This was a welcome addition to the series and I personally wouldn’t mind having him drop in another time. The accent combined with the towel scene? HOT.

Girl Time. Kate and Lanie shared some long overdue BFF moments, with Lanie pushing Kate to admit her feelings for Castle. Can I just say: it is about time. Even just the fact that Beckett had admitted her feelings is a big step in this situation. 

Points to be acknowledged: Castle is not the same man he was in the earlier seasons, he has grown up and has been patiently waiting for Beckett. Truth time? He is not going to wait forever. Case in point? Castle and his flight attendant spending all types of time together.

Beckett is great - but so is Castle. He is a successful and caring father. Clock is ticking.

So, what is to come of this? Both characters have now put their feelings out there. Will Kate make a move towards Rick or are the writers going to string us a long for a few more episodes?

I have said it before and I will say it again: This series displays some of the best acting on television, and half of it can be told without words. This show is driven by the facial expressions and emotions performed by these great actors. You could watch it on mute and still be able to feel the tension and feelings through the TV. 

  • Beckett looked beautiful in her dress for the party. It’s always nice to see the girl out of her slacks. Even if they are always perfectly tailored. 
  • No Martha or Alexis. Did we miss them? Not really.
  • Some great Castle quotes came out of the hour. Be sure to check them out.
  • Looks like Lanie is a big Caskett fan like the rest of us!
We’re on the countdown now towards the end of the season. What can we expect? Will Kate admit her feelings to Castle? Will Lanie and Espo get back together? Will Gates ever get more screen time? How about Alexis? Is she headed out of the city for college?

Another solid episode from the dependable writers of Castle. Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Limey.” Was it a let down after the previous intense episode? Is it about time that the Caskett starts taking baby steps? Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Roundtable and come up with your season end predictions. No new episode next week, so until next time, TV Fanatics.  


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I think they are just terrified of killing the golden goose. If they change the major dynamic between the "odd couple" buddies will it still be the same show? No excuses tho, they painted themselves into this corner when the show was conceived and they were both made attractive, not too age dissimilar, and single. Not moving forward is going to kill the show just as effectively and lot more ignominously than anything else they might do. Besides, it's really getting to be more like some 70's sitcom or something as repeatedly, whenever one of them is ready to move, the other will show up with a new date and we jump back a season or two to start over. It's actually a bit insulting. I like so much about the show, I hope they get the message because I really don't think they have much time left to keep our loyalties.

Frank lee meidere

@everlong: Thanks for the tip.


Dont have time to read all the comments. But loved the scene between Lanie and Beckett. I think that was the first time Lanie ever called Beckett by her first name!That blond bimbo of Castles sure looks like Nathan Fillions girlfriend in real life. Saw her on Peoples Choice awards, sitting next to Nathan when he got up to get his award in Jan. Played it back on my DVR, it sure looks like the same girl. Looks like Nathan got her a guest appearance.


Speaking of books, anyone catch this week's "Missing", ep 4, where Becka Winstone (Ashely Judd) is talking to her old CIA boss, who has gone onto writing books on espionage after his retirement. She turns over one of his books and a book endorsement by "Richard Castle" is clearly seen n camera... pretty slick move -ABC!


@Frank: I found the best book prices for the Nikki Heat on Amazon, you can get a new or used(for around $5), not to plug them, but if get a Kindle, the prices are super easy on the pocketbook. I havne't ready any of the Derrick Storm books yet. Anyone interested, when the dvd's come out, besure to watch the deleted scenes... there are always tidbits of interest, especially like last years meeting of Castle and Becketts' dad. (I don't understand why they cut that one!)
I liked how they tied the books to the story line, my favorite scene from memory was when Beckett tried to steal away to the "john" to crack open a book, and Castle caught her. Completely unappropriate, but so cute the way they acted it out.


there is always a first time for a perfect tv romance on a show like castle i know hart to hart was a succsesful show but they where already married from the begining.

Frank lee meidere

@NoHassleCastle: I'll give you Remington -- there's no telling what would have happened if it hadn't been sabotaged. My suspicion is that it would have ended soon anyhow, but there's no way to say for sure.


@Joyful - How could I forget CHUCK? YES! It was a rare example of a relationship that made the show stronger, funnier, & deeper IMO. As much as I loved SCARECROW & REMINGTON STEELE, they were the precursors to CASTLE & BONES - romantic angst up the wazoo, then once the leads get together...done! And, I have to disagree about REMINGTON. The finale was ludicrous. Laura Holt would have never been happy living as lady of the manor in some Irish castle, even with Pierce Brosnan. Are you kidding me? It was a parody of a 3rd rate romance novel that was simply not in character with the entire series. Laura never needed saving. It was as insulting as watching Sandy don her "slutty wardrobe" at the end of GREASE just so she could get a greaser boyfriend. YUCK!


Frank, I concede the "Scarecrow" observation -- although that show was ratings-challenged well before they got together, so it's not exactly fair to say that getting the star-crossed lovers together killed the show. But I beg to differ with you on "Remington." That show died because of off-screen issues; it had nothing to do with what occurred on-screen, in my opinion.

Frank lee meidere

@NoHassleCastle: But Remington Steel only lasted three full seasons, which I believe is about as long as you can carry a Star-Crossed Lovers theme. Four at the outside. Another factor in its favour was that few shows had, as yet, indulged in this theme, so it was still fairly fresh. And in Scarecrow and Mrs. King, the romantic situation is resolved at the beginning of the fourth season -- which, significantly, was its last.

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