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I just hate this show it got so dumb and stupid just like dumb and dumber.they should combine this with csi miami then it will be really dumb...


Brennan is a character (meaning like So-and-so's a real character). That's much of the fun of the show. Remember how she watched the "documentary" series on the Guido tribe and tried to deal with Jersey people in anthopology terms? Or how she listens to what Booth tells her (like about how young adults have to do dumb things in order to grow regarding his brother going to India) and applies what he says as if he's a life professor? I'm not so sure she'd care too much about being "cool," but I had no trouble with her wanting to have the baby in private where she had complete control and could experience child birth scientifically without anyone else butting in -- or her total reliance on her "truth" that she could walk through a prison riot safely. Brennan has to be Brennan -- or the show isn't any fun.


I have been searching the schedules since January waiting for this episode, and it was worth waiting for. (Although Bones threatened to squat and give birth on the front lawn, I noticed that she didn't use an upright position to give birth. Surely she knows she should have.)

I almost wished she had given the baby Avalon as a middle name, since her prediction came true. (Must have been a coincidence, right?) But "Angela" makes sense, just as Angela would have given a daughter the middle name of "Temperance."

This is one of my favorite series, and it lives up to its promise.


I honestly loved the episode, but I have to admit I was looking forward to more hugs and kisses between booth and bones. It was funny and the ep. Was well written but there were some disappointing moments. But over all I thought it did great!


WOW I don't know what you were watching but I thought this was one of the best Bones Shows I seen yet it had everything you wanted from start to finish great acting the crime plot was very good deep for some people Iwill watch it again because I taped it and see what I missed that always good. And the party at the end was great what more do you want? Crime danger Love and they act just like any couple argue. Good job to the writers theydid a great job. bring on the next Show!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally caved and got Netflix and re-watched the Pilot of Bones. The show now is nothing like what I enjoyed in the beginning. They've become caricatures of themselves. I was SO looking forward to Bones coming back and found myself doing anything and everything to not watch it last night. Dishes, laundry, dusting...... I was bored with Bones. A sentence I never thought I'd type........


Bones has changed so slowly from a smart, funny forensics show into a cartoon parody that I never even noticed.

Oh, wait. Yes I did.

Seriously -- she endangers the baby by tearing through a crowd of prisoners, assuming she's completely safe because criminals don't hurt children or pregnant women? A woman dedicated to science would rather have the baby at home, where a simple thing like a breech birth can result in death, rather than trust hospitals -- which are responsible fro bringing down the incidence of infant mortality hundreds of percent? A group of wine connoisseurs is so snobby that they refuse to help a woman going through labour, and don't even bother calling the hospital after shoving her into the horse stall?

Please tell me this is the last season and that this show won't embarrass itself even further.


I don't know. I still don't see the real chemistry between Brennan and Booth. I was so disappointed when they didn't show any real romantic interludes before she was pregnant. Where were the soul searching kisses, hugs, etc. Just that one scene in the bed that was lukewarm at best.
Even after the baby was born, no real emotion was shown between them as far as I saw. Maybe I am a romantic, but PLEASE show some real emotion if we are to believe this.


Loved everything but prison riot scene, had to roll my eyes on that one...Where were the guards? Anyway fantastic to see Bones again and Christine Angela is adorable!!! :o)


on an off note i did get a little pissed that Brennan risked walking through all the prisoners on a vague belief that they have a code, she risked her baby and i don't find it entertaining though the result was. there is a line between fearlessness and stupidity. what about the criminals who are rapists or murderers of children, they wouldn't think twice about hitting a woman even if pregnant, plus sb could have hit her accidentally.

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