Bones Review: Cold Cut

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A hairdresser in a landfill, Brennan with the post-baby blues, Booth struggling to make her happy and Aristu in an uncharacteristically informal mood.

"The Don't in the Do" sure was an interesting installment of Bones that left me wondering: would I ever go to the salon again?!?

Brennan, Booth Pic

It never ceases to amaze me how nasty some of these body reveals can get. I think this one that included the birds will have me wary of any animals flying above at least for the next day or so.

The birds, however, have nothing on the sheer terror that overcame me at the discovery that the shampoo boy had actually scalped Santiago for his hair. I will say, though, that no man should really be rockin' his coif like that. It's a matter of personal preference; but if you don't, then crazy Shampoo boys can't get obsessed with it and kill you for it. That's all I'm saying.

At least in between the dropping bluejays and landfill scene we had a lighthearted moment between Brennan and Booth.

Though I suppose lighthearted for us was akin to terrifying for Booth, as he was faced with Brennan's dissatisfaction with her wardrobe choices post-baby. Likening the encounter to walking into an airplane propeller was an astute observation. I wish all boyfriends/baby-daddies/future husbands(?) were as sensitive to those kind of questions as he is! Double points for his attempt to get Dr. Saroyan to back him up, though Brennan knew better.

At the Landfill

I love how Sweets tried to counsel Booth about the situation, and that Booth wasn't having any of it. Their bromance is so one-sided, and it's a riot.

We do have to give Sweets some credit, though, he did get the lingerie thing right... sort of. It seems Brennan's not unhappy with herself, just a little "uncomfortable." Almost seemed like for a minute Booth's gift was only going to give him more problems, but right there at the end, the two of them looked like two mischievous kids about to have a little bit of grown-up fun. Did anyone else think it was cute Brennan admitted she'd never had lingerie like that before?

Another cute (though at first slightly disturbing) aspect of this episode was Aristu trying (and failing) to hide the fact he'd been published in the Forensic Journal. I've never seen him so informal, or so enthusiastic, as he was this episode. I only feel poorly that his piece got pumped for a puff piece on Selena Gomez.

Is that even possible? It certainly lacked credibility, but it sure made for a fun moment with Brennan. Someone should tell her that Selena Gomez is not a doctor, and that reading that article has the potential to drop her IQ about 15 points. Seriously, something like that should never makes its way into a professional journal of any kind!

Did you feel bad that Aristu wasn't published? Were you as upset as I am that Bones shamelessly plugged a Camry (even though this isn't the first time it's plugged a car)? Sound off on the episode now!


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I didn't get the joke about Sweets' Camry calling him "Doug". Could someone explain?

@ Mzuri

I believe it was a reference to Titan the Robot, a fictitious robot from the UK I believe. (Basically a 7 ft transformer-looking costume worn by an actual man who became a cultural iconic trend about 4 years ago) who has a "master" named Dave. (Not Doug). My enjoyment in this conversation between Booth and Sweets stems from their budding bromance and the fact that Booth is just a geek trapped in hot, athletic, sexy package- Sweets is just geek-chic hot and sexy to begin with - I dont think it was a shameless plug for toyota but more of a way to put the Titan the Robot reference in the story. Geek-chic writers. I LOVE IT! I wouldn't be surprised if John Francis Daly didn't write that in!


E um dos filmes em que mais gosto.


Was anyone else impressed by Booth flying through the air to tackle that suspect? That was awesome! I had to rewind and watch it several times. Simply Awesome!


I love where the show is going at the moment, but would love to see Dr- sorry chef- Gordon Gordon Wyatt again. Surely they can chase up Stephen Fry again for at least one episode???


This was a great episode! Chemistry between all the characters was wonderful. I laughed several times and enjoyed every minute. I think the conversations about baby care are hilarious. Brennan and Booth are back in tune. It's entertainment that makes you feel good.


I got cut off! Just wanted to finish my train of thought by saying we will all have to get used to the product placement because sponsors are who pay for our favorite shows and they have to get something back for their buck!


Interesting to hear complaints here about product placement in Bones! Reality check, people! It's happening in just about every TV series now! I've read some articles about this phenomena, and basically we are seeing more of it because people are no longer actually watching commercials! We have this wonderful thing now called DVR - so television viewers can record their favorite shows and watch at a later date, at which point they can just fast forward right over the commercials. So, makes sense that marketing whizkids have figured out how to get a sponsor's products to the viewers, they place them in the actual episode where they won't be missed.
On Hawaii 5-0, the good guys all drive Chevys (sponsor), the bad guys drive Fords. Kamekona eats FIVE foot long Subway sandwiches in the middle of an ep, and everyone eats, sleeps and swims at the Hawaiian Hilton after flying in on Hawaii Air! It's all product placement, everyone knows it, and life goes on in paradise. We all will have to get used to it in all the shows we watch, since sponsors pay the way for our shows to be on, and they have to get something back for their buck!


BONES is a unique mix of crime drama procedural and character-driven ensemble story. Those fans who just want one or the other will never be pleased IMO. They should watch CSI or "Friends" reruns? For fans like me who watch BECAUSE of the mix, this episode was pure keeper.
Balanced, paced, real.
I loved it. And I have to admit I didn't even blink at the Toyota thing. It's what pays for the special effects, etc. No biggee.


I loved the show, and the baby-stuff, as well as the banter between Booth and Bones. Glad they wrote in the body issues.


I enjoyed this episode, for the most part, mainly because Booth and Brennan started showing affection for one another again, when in the past couple of eps they seemed more like brother and sister, they were so distant with each other. I ignored the blatant product placement, and I always enjoy it when Sweets is in a scene because he's just so darned adorable, though I agree with the comment that Daisy can be cringe-worthy. We also got to see Angela and Hodgins show affection in this ep, which is even more wonderful, because they have always had great chemistry on the show. I thought the case and Aristu were rather boring, but I was satisfied with the relationship aspect of the show and the ending

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I am not familiar with Dr. Gomez's work, but I am sure I would enjoy reading it.


Good luck. I hope I don't have to fire you.

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