Who Else Will Die on The Walking Dead?

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Brace yourselves, Walking Dead fans. Two MORE deaths are coming to the AMC thriller this Sunday.

According to TV Guide, the killings will be "very significant" and may even explain what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick on the season one finale. They will also lead into round two of Rick versus Shane, following an intense round one on "18 Miles Out."

So, who might be the next t go? Take your best guess now as you watch a new sneak peek at Sunday's "Better Angels."


Randall and Shane.


I know its Shane and Randall. Shane ends up coming back and Randall is found a walker with a broken neck, no bites and Daryl figures that out. Shane also comes back without being bit. From what I know Jenner says" Its airborne everyone is infected. No matter how you die you will come back". Thats what I know. The person who told us knew about the story lines a week before they air. So I kinda believe them. BUT someone else posted Carol, TDog, Patricia and Jummy die too but I am so sure about these 4 deaths especiall Carol. SHe just lost her daughter and her and Daryl seem to be getting close. But in the books she is one of the original survivors to last quite a bit compared to the others. So who knows. All I know is I am hooked

Lindsey kempton

Shane is out. I love him, but there is mounting evidence that he's either going to die or leave: the fact that AMC leaked the Season 2 DVD cover listing the episodes with "Shane's Last Episode" among them, the fact that Jon Bernthal has already signed on to Darabont's next project, that Sunday includes Round 2 of Rick vs. Shane... As for the second death, I'm not sure. Maybe Beth? Psyched to find out what Dr. Jenner whispered!


It better not be Daryl


I really, really think this has something more to do with how the disease is transmitted: the cattle being eaten, no bite marks on the two security guards, and the eventual comic reveal. That would sure explain the lack of hope of Dr. Jenner.

Ronald simkins

I am hoping Shane stays!

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