Two and a Half Men Review: It's Momageddon!

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Following a couple weeks off the air, Two and a Half Men returned with an improved episode last night, and it was due to the integration of supporting characters.

In “Palmdale, Ech," both Walden and Alan took back row seats, popping up here and there with terrific timing, but never dominating the action. I'm quite happy that our beloved secondary players stepped into the spotlight here and delivered the kind of comedy to which we've grown accustomed over the years: crude humor, unbelievable outcomes and surprising stupidity.

Jake and Eldridge and Walden

This week was filled with drinking, partying and hooking up. And that's not even all. Let's not forget about creepy old men or Jake and Eldridge app-hunting. Zoe was conveniently   absent, and I didn't mind, as her character was becoming monotonous and annoying. I would have liked some Berta, though.

But Georgia Engel definitely shone tonight. I wasn't a huge fan of her on Everybody Likes Raymond, but she had a good rapport with the cast here, especially with Evelyn, considering that, yes, they hooked up (Ewww, anyone?). Overlooking that odd storyline, though, she did a great job overall as Lyndsey’s mother, acting as a carbon copy of Evelyn, which Alan rightly summed up:

They are both disappointed with their children and their grand-children.

Meanwhile, I would totally watch a Jake and Eldridge spinoff. They had me laughing throughout the episode, from arguing about their virginities, to brainstorming for ideas on apps and “consulting" for Walden. Both were great. I really want to see them in upcoming episodes.

So, what do you all think? Do you want to see more of Evelyn, Jake, Berta and Eldridge and less of Zoey? Has this episode restored your faith in the show? Sort through our Two and a Half Men quotes section and sound off now!


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aston's ok, but NOT CHARLIE!


Let Charlie's character slowly grow!


without charlie, it's crap. also, the kid's not cute anymore.


"Pull the plug" I watched few new episodes, and got to admit, this show sucks beyond anything. I enjoyed commercial breaks more than show itself :)
"Two and a half men" made it to the top gradually. And the show was going down gradually too. But it dropped like a dead bird after Sheen. It has no watchability whatsoever. The "puking" episode was it for me. HORRIBLE. What happened to writers? Kutcher is "one-role-actor". No surprises there. Thanks to fox for showing re-runs :) , and, for showing some sex obsessed scientists. Good Luck with finding a new catchy shows.


show sucks bring Charlie back please i miss the show without him, throw in the towel the show is done


@ MOPAR - Because people like "Linda" and people like me know good comedy when we see it, and this just isn't good comedy. Ashton is horrible as an actor (and I use the term lightly), and he is unfunny, period. But this has nothing to do with the fact that Charlie is not on the show any longer. It is not a comparison between Ashton and Sheen.


The author of this article (TV Fanatic Staff member) must be a fan of this pathetic show to give it such a high rating (which it definitely does not deserve). It's just a horrible, horrible show now!


Although Asyton is CUTE! He will never be able to replace Charlie Sheen!!! Sorry I have watched this show from the beginning from both sides and all I have to say is they need Charlie!! He and the amazing cast made this show. Charlie PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!! Begging You. You are the best with your cast!!!!


Remember 'Jumping the Shark'? We can now call it 'Killing the Charlie'. This show is dead. It is a zombie. Please put us out of our misery and just pull the plug. It was getting old before Charlie left... Now it's just stupid beyond belief. It's like M*A*S*H without Hawkeye, Cheers without Sam, or Seinfeld without Jerry. Two and a Half Men: RIP

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Walden: Where is your Dad?
Jake: He is out with his mom.
Eldridge: They are picking up my grandma up at the International House of Old People.
Jake: IHOOP.

Eldridge: Hell yeah, she is hot.
Jake: It is not about how hot she is.
Walden: Well, thank you Jake.
Jake: It is about whether she stays hot.