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Both the fun and the difficulty of Touch is that there are so many moving pieces to keep track of that I wish the show would cut down on just one or two. That said I enjoyed "Safety in Numbers" more than last week's episode, even if all of the pieces didn't quite seem to fit.

First, the things that worked: Martin's relationship with his son continued to grow, bit by bit. When Clea told Martin not to jump every time Jake called, I understood what she was trying to say. To an outsider, Martin would look a little crazy constantly responding to his son's random stream of numbers. But telling a parent not to respond to his child's cries for help, no matter what form they come in, was a lost cause.

Goodnight, Jake

Jake pulled yet another Houdini act, but at least this time it was only out of his bedroom and down the hall. Where did he find the phone to call Martin, though? And perhaps more importantly, what was really behind door number 6?

When Martin was working with Walt to unravel the mystery of #3287 I wondered if Martin worried about the similarities between Walt and Jake. Could this be Jake's future, homeless and running through the city streets with a magical ledger?

Could Martin really take away Jake's pain by following the numbers? 

The best part of the episode for me was when Martin came across Rush, the reporter he used to send out for coffee. We finally got a glimpse of Martin before his wife was killed and his world fell apart. Working the story the way a reporter would gave him a confidence and spunk that we haven't seen. 

I'd love to see Martin get back to his roots as a reporter. Jake may be the most important thing in his life but he shouldn't be the only thing. Martin needs to be able to care about more than just his son and his former career as a reporter might help give the show more focus.

Arthur Teller made his way out of his house and over to Jake's board-and-care facility and we got some clues to his past, as Sheri asked why he'd want another patient after everything that happened. What happened? This could be bad, or more specifically, bad for Jake. There are just too many horrifying possibilities to that story but I'm definitely intrigued.

The parts of the episode that didn't work... the story of the South African village was the weak part for me. Other than Grace's test ID number as 3287, I didn't really see how her story correlated to Jake's and, worst of all, I didn't care. 

The dance contest just seemed silly. Anyone who calls himself the Beastmaster deserves to get beaten.

Will this be the last time we see the Japanese girls? They keep popping up in each episode for no particular reason except this time they dropped the video phone. Is that storyline going anywhere because it isn't something that's holding my interest and I'd rather see more insights into Jake and Martin.

But I really did enjoy Martin and Jake's story this week. When Walt told Martin in one of Touch's quotes this week…

You don't know much about magic swords, do you? | permalink

... I had to smile. He doesn't but he's learning to believe in patterns and messages and things he can't see. The universe is calling and if little fire ants can band together to survive floods that should drown them, then Martin and Jake can certainly find a way to communicate with one another and figure out why little toy cars roll back out from under doors of empty rooms.

Just when I think Touch is a touch too complicated, it finds a way to peak my curiosity and have me waiting for more.


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I really want to like this show, but I find it too full of glurge even for my lady tastes. I get irritated at the premise that they're transparently flogging that deeply autistic kids really are magical and you can connect with them in deep and meaningful way, someday; like to assuage the deep personal guilt middle aged white women having their own special kids they cannot connect with.. It's just too syrupy and shallow, and reminds me of a Hallmark store's Precious Moments shelf. All of the shallow side connections that don't matter, and are only barely of interest... meh. It only takes a single show to get the "butterfly effect" idea ground into your brain.


I honestly don't understand why people like this show. All the "numbers" and "connections" are extremely contrived and fairly random in nature. The show literally makes me facepalm a half dozen times an episode. Give me back my Firefly and Wonderfalls, FOX :(


I've watched every episode and have been hoping it gets better. I find it moronic and Keifer's character ridiculous. I have enjoyed him in previous roles but this one stinks. I don't mind stories that stretch credibility in fact ilike them very much. This one needs better writers and dialogue. I will keep watching for now still hoping it turns into something good.


I like the show only because there isn't much else to watch on TV that is any good. The show itself remonds me of the old TV show "Flipper" or "Lassie" both these non speaking animals could get humans moving to where they want them to. Just like the kid with the numbers. He hands a number to his Dad and without any thing else to go on, Dad is out the door solving some type of crime of nature.


NicS All FOX shows are like this. They have about 22 minutes of commercials. American Idol is even worse. I really love this show, but this week's episode seemed a bit weaker to me. The relationship between Martin and Jake is developing well. I don't understand door #6, though.


I love all the connections and in some way they all are, they are all ripples!! South Africa, the korean Girls, even the dance contest!! Every day in some small way what you do resonates out into the world!! believe it! and yes who is behind door #6??? :o)


Good review - but had to laugh at "peaked." My daughter made up a promo card for her artisanal jam business at a local farmer's market which promised to "peak your taste buds." She swears she looked it up to be sure. Damn you, autocorrect! Or spellcheck. Whichever one is too blame. And my computer doesn't like artisanal, autocorrect, or spellcheck. I'm leavin' 'em.


I must say that I didn't really start liking this episode until he met the invisible king...I thought that was fascinating. The only thing irritating me about this show is how often they talk to Jake expecting an answer. "Jake, are you okay buddy?" HE'S NOT GOING TO ANSWER YOU. Geez... And what the HELL is behind that door's freaking me out. Anyone else think it might be Arthur Teller's last case?


I really enjoy the premise and the way the threads come together at the end, no matter how far-spread or far-fetched they are. My one complaint tonight, why didn't someone unlock the door to Room 6?
Oh, and one more comment: your curiosity is "piqued", not "peaked".


The show lost lost me for good after this episode. Or actually, during this episode. Had to turn it off. Too much superstitious mumbo-jumbo and hocus-pocus wrapped in a thin layer of pseudo-science/maths. The storylines are utterly unbelievable with people acting against their normal instincts - as shown earlier in the episodes. Nice try, no cigar.

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