The Walking Dead Review: Another Two Bite The Dust

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If you thought Sophia's demise and Dale's gut-ripping demise would be the only deaths to take place on The Walking Dead, you clearly didn't heed T-Dog's favorite saying: "Aw, hell no!"

"Better Angels" appeared to be the calm before the eventual season finale storm, but it still garnered some huge game changing moments for Rick and the group, while giving us an idea of where the show is headed (yes, they might finally leave the farm.)

Dealing with Randall has been a significant debate, although for the most part the group has seemed pretty consistent in killing him. Or just following the leader, Rick.

Carl and Rick

And after the last Walking Dead episode Rick changed his mind and decided to go back to simply just dropping him off some odd miles out from the farm. Good idea? We'll never know because, in the end, Shane had a huge dose of crazy pills and took matters into his own hands.

To be honest, I almost wished that Shane had actually decided to go with Randall. It would have been an interesting turn of events that, down the road, might have led to bigger problems and a more emotional pull when he met back up with Rick and company in confrontation. I actually believed Shane when he suggested it.

Yet crazy Shane decided to break Randall's neck and just get it over with. He's such a nice guy.

I'm a little disappointed that Randall didn't get a lot of time to have his character explored. He was either getting beat up or pleading for his life. He may have had moments that could have been called into question, but we'll never know if he was really as bad as his associates.

Still, his death did reveal that you don't have to be bitten to turn into a walker. You just simply have to die.

Well... that changes everything, doesn't it? Was that the whispered secret Dr. Jenner told Rick at the end of season one?

I'm not so sure because when it came to Shane returning as a walker, he didn't seem to realize. Or maybe he was too distraught from killing his best friend to think about anything else. After all, despite Shane trying to murder him, there was still a brotherly relationship between them. And Rick has a harder time just pointing and shooting those closest to him.

Oh, that's right, Shane also bit the dust in a final showdown with his close friend. The confrontation was inevitable and as much as I uttered the same question about Shane agreeing to follow Rick and work with him again, it makes sense that Shane was so blinded by his desires that his survival of life got in the way of any sense of morality.

The ominous setting against the full moon was a great visual shot as the two men silhouetted against the backdrop. I felt bad for Rick being essentially forced into stabbing Shane. You could tell that he didn't want to, but he knew that there was no way out. Andrew Lincoln really brought out a raw emotion and distress in dealing with the situation. It's not often we see this quiet man break his feelings wall.

But was Carl actually pointing his gun at Rick? Was he confused? And why was no one watching him again?

Either way, he saved his broken father from the snarling walking dead that was Shane. A shot right to the head. So, Carl gets himself in numerous amounts of trouble but he turns out to be a good shot.

That particular moment is probably going to change Rick and Carl in a dramatic way. Hope seems to be fading into the show's background.

And whether it's a cheap plot device in getting a ton of zombies back onto the show, Carl's shot is going to lead a horde of them right to the farm. I know I've missed that sense of danger by having the safety of the farm, so even if it seems like an easy way to overrun the farm, especially when the walkers have been obviously absent for the most part from the location, I welcome it.

The show's dynamic is going to change, the character's are going to change, and the location is going to change. The movement of the show is picking itself back up and I love that we're finally progressing again. Tension and drama are high, walker threats are looking to be everywhere, and T-Dog finally got some more lines. Even if the episode was a bit slow in the beginning, and certain actions may have seemed a bit quick to push the plot forward, the final moments rolled so quickly and solidly that I can only imagine where the final episode of the season will place everything.

I can't help but enjoy this show. It's an addicting piece of entertainment that has you coming back for more.

Will someone step in to fill Shane's aggressive and antagonistic shoes? Will another character meet their untimely death? How can Rick and Carl recover from such a dramatic moment and will it end up bringing them closer together? Are you happy or upset with Shane and Randall's deaths? And what does it mean that you don't have to be bitten to turn into a walker?

Better Angels Review

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