The Vampire Diaries to Roar Back to the 1920s

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When we next tune in to The Vampire Diaries, we'll be taken back to 1912.

But producer Julie Plec has now teased another quasi flashback for the series, as viewers should prepare for an upcoming decade dance, this one with a 1920s theme.

"I swear I must've been a songbird in the 20's. This makes me WAY too happy," Plec Tweeted Tuesday night, including a link to the song "That Man," a jazz track by Dutch singer Caro Emerald.

VD Dance

The Vampire Diaries, of course, showed us life for Klaus and Stefan back in the day on the third episode this season, "The End of the Affair." It introduced us to Chicago and is considered my many to be the best installment of season three.

In other words: we very much welcome another trip to the past, even if it takes place in the present.

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Decade dance? Again? I'd be ok with a flashback but why another decade dance? It just makes Mystic Falls seem more ridicilous with its thousands of random events than it already is.


@ipse, yeah I agree, I don't think tv Elena could handle turning into a vampire right now or ever....actually...for me the only good thing about Elena turning back into human was the fact that she had those powers to help her friends, she was useful! Tv Elena should take notes from book Elena, lol!


@amie, that is what i think. At this point i would find it much more interesting than elena turning into a vampire - especially when the turning back to human thing was not permanently...


@amy, yeah, I know, I remember seeing a video where Paul was asked about the tattoo and he said he got it for personal reasons, but I think if they did not make him cover it up in the show, maybe they have plans for could actually be an interesting cliffhanger for s4 if one of the two brothers would be turned back into a human. It would affect Damon most I think since he made that confession that he misses being human...


@ipse I hope so. It would be really cool if one of them turned back into a human, and so many new storylines could come from it. Maybe, they'll make Damon/Stefan die temperarily & back to life as a human? I was just thinking about the end of the season cliffhanger a while ago, and thought that after everyhting this season, Damon deserves to be happy and get a pay-off at the end of the season, and what better way to do it? Or even if it happened t Stefan is would be great:) @Amie I always assumed it was because it was Paul's real life tattoo...I'm not sure though :S


In the books it’s Damon who turns human.. but he does not like it so he goes back to being a vampire.
We have three more seasons of TVD, still long way to go and lots of things to happen !


@ipse, I actually started thinking about when I read the books and especially the one in which Damon turns human when he smelt that rose, I think it was a black one . Then I remembered that Stefan has a tattoo of a black rose on his arm, so maybe Stefan somehow found out about its existence and wanted to find it so badly, that's why he has that tattoo...just a thought..I mean did we ever get an explanation as to why Stefan has that huge tattoo?


In the books, it was Damon who turned human and I do not look forward to this episode. Boring me with spoilers now.


This constellation would also be a great cliffhanger over the summer hiatus. And I think we are getting hints in this direction: esther wanted to turn her children back into humans and then kill them - so it is possible somehow. And comments from actors, producers etc. at the moment are mainly about Elena and how she would be better off with a human after all (obviously...). Just a thought - what do you guys think?


does anyone else think that the big game-changer that is announced (again) for the upcoming episodes might be that one of the brothers turns human again? I know that it happens somewhere in the books - and the producers tend to take bits and pieces out of them. If that happened to lets say Stefan, than they might solve a lot of problems with it. Stefan could be instantly good again without decades of abstinence. Elena might choose Damon (to please fandom), but he would nobly retreat then and let her be with his human brother (to please other half of the fandom). Plus drama and double-heartache for Damon because we know that he would love to be human again. Once again his brother has it all.

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