The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Murder of One"

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The Vampire Diaries will not air a new episode until April 19, which is extra bad news this week... because it means we're left stewing over "The Murder of One," one of the most disappointing outings in what's been an uneven third season.

What has promoted such a negative reaction from Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker and Eric Hochberger? Read on. Find out. Chime in with your take.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Caroline Forbes, quotes machine! Typically my favorite aspect of any TVD episode these days, but more often for her looks and/or attitude, this blonde bombshell was on fire with the one-liners this week. Rebekah is lonely and desperate, Damon says? Clearly, C-For replies: She slept with you. Altogether now: ZING!

Miranda: Stefan criticizing Damon on Damon's inferior whittling skills in a way that only a brother could was a nice start to the episode. But I also liked Damon's shirt being ripped open before Beks started slicing into his pretty man flesh. At least she left his face alone. Klaus pretending that he actually gets his hands dirty when torturing people was laughable, though. We know that everything he knows about being evil he learned from Stefan. Between Rebekah and Klaus, my money's on Rebekah for being the master torturer. Hell hath no fury and all.

Eric: Oh, definitely the torture scene that's be alluded to for weeks now. Okay, well since PaleyFest for me. There were some awesomely done cringe-worthy moments.

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Who will you miss more: Sage, Finn or Troy?
Matt: Full disclosure: my wife's last name is Sage. My best friend's last name is Finn(egan). But I think both would understand that Troy McClure still comes first and, in his honor, I will mourn Troy the vampire for about as long as I knew him. Heck, twice as long! No one talk to me for like seven minutes...

Miranda: Sage. While I don't necessarily like how she was introduced (Do the Really Old Vampires have some top secret Vampire Signal no one else knows about? How did she know to show up?), I think she had a lot of potential. I think she could've been season 4's Big Bad.

Eric: Obviously there's only one choice here. How could anyone be attached to the most boring, suicidal original? Or his lame threesome-loving, boxing girlfriend? Obviously I've been on team Troy since I met him. He was just so... identifiable. Wait, was this the first episode we met him?

What would you title Elena Gilbert's handbook?
Matt: Oh, 'Ship: How to Not Lose Either Guy in Like 310 Days.

Miranda: How Not To Die. Step One: Fall in love with a vampire that will cause all sorts of bad things to happen to everyone you care about. Step Two: Fall in love with his brother. Step Three: Repeat steps one and two. Somehow, you'll always come out on top while everyone else suffers.

Eric: I assume the copy Caroline picked up was the recently abridged edition: How to Forgive the Person Who Totally Killed Your Parent. Yeah, Elena took some creative liberties with calling Jenna her mother in the handbook. Come on, who totally remembers when Klaus killed Jenna? Not Elena. That's for sure.

Most interesting takeaway from the episode: the bloodline all dying when an Original is killed, Elena admitting she is unsure about her feelings or Jeremy owning a dog?
Matt: I've been snarkier than usual above, so allow me to get serious for a moment: the bloodline angle is certainly intriguing. It raises many questions about the past, which could lead to more flashbacks, which is always fun. And it could even pit hero versus hero. No one wants to see Tyler die, of course, but if Damon killed Klaus and, therefore, also killed Tyler, wouldn't that save many lives? Wouldn't that be for the greater good? Moral dilemmas abound.

Miranda: It's been clear for a long time that Elena's unsure of her feelings, so it's definitely not that. And Damon DID tell Jeremy to go have a normal life, so the dog isn't surprising. That leaves the bloodlines story. I like it because maybe, JUST MAYBE, there's a chance we can keep Elijah. Maybe. Or Rebekah if she created Trevor and Trevor created Rose.

Eric: Whoa, whoa... There was a dog? I have got to re-watch that scene. Mind. Blown. Oh, and the bloodline dying was neat.

Heading into the final four episodes, give season three a grade so far.
Matt: I don't want to pile on, so I encourage readers to check out my review (conveniently linked to below!) for details, but I'll do as low as a C-. Is TVD still better than almost any drama on network television? Yes. But this is a grade relative to the past two seasons and there's just no way around it: the show is lacking any kind of consistent direction.

Miranda: C+. Like Matt said in his review, we're back to square one. What have we been doing for the past month??? Klaus wants to create a hybrid family so Elena's in danger! Again! Stefan loves Elena! Damon loves Elena! Elena's conflicted about her feelings for Damon and Stefan! Bonnie gets used as a witchy plot device! Let's kill some Originals! Except we can't because that will cause really bad things to happen to people we care about! Scratch that. Make my grade a D. It's all so been there, done that.

Eric: I think we all unfortunately share Matt's review sentiments: this season just officially got demoted to a C after tonight's circular ending. Wait, so they still can't kill Klaus AND he's going to build a hybrid army. That's a crazier sounding development than the time Jeremy got a dog.


And I really wanna see how theywill deal withOriginal witch trying yo off her kids now that they know everyone will die.


I would give season three a B+. I yhink theu have been consistent, even though they are dragging with the originals and ESPECIALLY with the love triangle. I think julie isn't incompotent, she knows people are tired of the love triangle so hopefully it will come to an end and not more indecisiveness. I didn't really care too much For the originals but i think since they brought them we could'lve seen more of Kol and Finn. It would'lve been nice to see why they were in the coffins and how it happen and have seen a flashback of the original petrova doppleganger. I Just can't wait to this love triangle is over and she picks Stefan.


Favorite Scene : Matt is the one not boring me in the episode. I keep hoping he will screw up their plan with his excessive staring and when Sage touches him, I thought she's reading him but then he came out and stabbed stabbed stabbed Finn who then burns up to crisp. Matt! I don't know you had it in you! Missed character gotta be Finn. I don't know why everyone seems to think he was boring. For me, he's the most interesting original with his philosophy and suicidal attitude and he got lovey-dovey with Sage. Aww. How sweet is he! Elena's Handbook : Guide To Be The Most Hated Lead In A Television Show Bloodlines thingy are a bit boring because at this time it seems like the writers are just brainstorming around and thought, "Hmm...what kind of Vampirology we need to add to the show? Oh yeah, let's have this bloodline thingy!" Jeremy and dog? What's wrong with that? I gotta go with Elena, unsure with her feelings. Urm. I feel like we're getting nowhere since the end of Season 2. With ghosts, hybrids and originals. It's a C for me. I hope in the future, someone important died. Alaric, Bonnie, or Rebekah/Klaus/Elijah. That could totally shake things up.


I'm tired of people judging this show so harshly this is a great show and I admit that some things have happened in this show that I didn't like but I think the reason for all this slow pace of the show and how everyones saying it's back to square 1 is because Kevin Williamson is busy over at the secret circle and no offense to Julie Plec but Kevin is the brains behind this and I would have to grade this season-B+


I love the bloodline thing,,,enough with Elena and her indicisiveness,,caroline is way better than her,,,someone should nudge Julie Plec before she ruins our show and gets it cancelled....


Right now, I'd give this season about a B-, before the winter break it was amallzing, I don't know what happened after that but something's definitely changed. TVD is still my favourite obsession though, and I agree with Allison one of the best in it's genre, once they get that annoying love-triangle out of the way it'll get better. Does anyone else think Elena will end up with Damon come finale? Am I the only person that wants to see Klaus die at the end of this season? PS: I've given up on arguing with Bored Now, he/she's a brick wall who clearly has no life, by now I could probably write his first comment on the next TVD post word for word.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Just stop watching.
Oh once there's nothing redeeming about the show I will surely drop it just like around a million of viewers did since s1 premiere. Till then I guess those pesky things as freedom of speech, difference of opinion and debate-based viewpoints will keep bugging people who want to just close their eyes for some reason and ignore the flaws.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

.why do you watch this show and the comment on reviews about it?
Because there are things I like in the show and this show used to be good? You bash it in every single review of every episode.
The word you are looking for is "criticizing". And thats usually what one does when one notices huge glaring flaws the work of fiction has and discusses them backing up his point with arguments, no?

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Stefan is "well-adjusted" (ish) again, he realizes the error of his ways!
the problem is....WHAT WAYS? We never seen him go truly bad, kill someone important ,BE EVIL. He stood around angsting for entire season for no reason and now he went back to same old boring mode. The redeeming part of Stefan's character was his implied dark sides...which we did not really get to see. And no pointless gore in flashbacks does not count as show conveniently excuses it all as not his fault.


My only problems had been how come every vampire in town can walk into the Salvatore house? Doesn't Elena "own" it so she could be keep safe? It's just frustrates me when obvious things get skipped over just to add drama.

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