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This show is over. They can't save it. This episode sucked, the whole season has sucked, and I'm very sad about it. The actors even seem to be unable to make any of it convincing. I kept watching, hoping that they have something up their sleeve, but I've watched my last episode. I'm not a hater, I wanted it to continue, but the writing has killed it.


How come I cant watch he whole episode? It only lets me watch 1 minute of it ???




I must admit I always found it a bit odd that Alaric had apparently been attacked and stabbed in the kitchen and then made his way UPSTAIRS rather than go to the phone or a neighbours for help.

Are we to assume he stabbed himself then?

And Im still not sure I really understand that Doctor Lady. If she wants to help him why make him look guilty in the first place? Why that speech to Elena?


My take, the whole Sage thing seemed silly to me. I didn't see the real impact of showing Stefan killing someone on a blood high either, I mean everyone guessed that's how it came about right? Not rocket science. Again with the terrible hairstyles and my least favorite hats for all mankind, bowlers. Big mistake to take Alaric off the show, BIG, HUGE. Elena, give Matt a go (or Alaric which would be very enjoyable). Stefan, you need to call Katherine. Damon, just keep doing what you do.


What a great episode! Damon is my favourite character on the show, so of course I loved the flashback. It was great to see Matt actually having a storyline. I felt so bad for Alaric when he realized that he was the killer. And I'm worried because of what that means for Jeremy.
But what I loved most about the episode and what truly is the heart of the show for me: the Salvatore brothers. I loved every single scene with these two. I can never get tired of their interactions. And the best scene of the episode for me was when Damon told Stefan that he is going to be there for him, that he will help him with the recovery and that he is going to do that because Stefan is all that he has got left. That moved me to tears. At the end of the day no matter what happens Damon and Stefan love each other and that will never change. Go Team Salavatore!


Six generations of Gilbert madness traced back to the two rings, that is a pretty awesome twist.
The main problem I have with this episode has nothing to do with the substance of the episode itself but it's promotion. I was promoted as the Damon origin episode, and it really wasn't. How did he tame the crow? How did Samantha Gilbert's seduction take place? When did the fog come into play?
Damon and Stefan scenes were the BEST. So so good. Raw and emotional and the teaser about Elena finding Stefan in a "compromising" position was such the right word to use. Stefan looked so embarrassed and ashamed, and Damon's reaction was really funny.


I have many things to say but the words are escaping me and all I can say for now is that I loved this AWESOME episode. :)


I liked this ep a lot! It wasn't so action packed and it was more narrative than anything else but it was amazing!
Few things that were off for me:
They never really showed how Sage got Damon to be the Damon we love to hate. There was too much hype and it was just one scene.

I love Cassidy Freeman, she's a great actress and she was brilliant in her small role. Hope her role expands soon!

I kinda figured that Alaric was the killer, and that the ring is somehow involved.

I think Elena should end up with Matt. If she never wants to be a vampire, she should fall in love with Matt and let the Salvatore brothers go. She can't be with either of them cuz she loves them both.


Good episode. Glad Elena admitted some Damon love. Not looking forward to next week with Damon and his gruesome threesome. Makes me want to upchuck vampire blood!

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