The Vampire Diaries Review: Burning Bridges

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The Vampire Diaries asked its viewers to accept a lot in "Break on Through," not all of which flowed very naturally.

Let's start with the return of Sage. It wasn't exactly organic. First: how did she know Finn was freed from his casket?

Granted, she's 900 years old and clearly possesses certain powers that far exceeds those of the young (not even 160-year old!) Salvatores. But it becomes a dangerous line, a pretty severe writing crutch, when she can simply do and see anything she wants.

Rebekah and Sage

Second: Why did she and Damon suspect Rebekah was up to something? We've barely seen this Original since she and Klaus discovered the White Oak Tree secret in "All My Children." Was she really acting different? Was there any indication Damon should be suspicious?

Third: Finn? Really, Sage?!? This is the Original we know the least amount, making it difficult to really get invested in anything surrounding him or the fiery red-headed mentor of Damon's. It simply seemed random all around that Sage showed up... schemed to deceive Damon... and based all her machinations on love for another character we scarcely know.

Nothing involving Sage worked for me this week, which is saying a lot considering her presence resulted in a near threesome.

The storyline didn't serve Rebekah well, either. The Vampire Diaries has done a tremendous job creating depth to this (gorgeous!) character, but she came across as more pathetic than vulnerable here. I know, I know: it's Damon Salvatore. What woman would not jump at the chance to jump back into his bed? But she was really so willing despite the rivalry that clearly existed between her and Sage? With Sage right there? Looking on mischievously?!?

Can we give Rebekah some credit please? (SPOILER ALERT: At least she'll get her revenge next week.)

Elsewhere: There wasn't really a lot of movement on the Alaric front. Yes, we now know for sure he's one "accidental serial killer," as Damon so tactfully put it. And, yes, that counsel member hit list is sort of scary. But we're still left pretty much where we were a week ago: with Alaric as a murderer; wondering how the ring will affect Jeremy; and appreciative that Matt Davis is getting a shot in the spotlight.

The final line of the episode was even indicative of how the show has been treading water a bit recently: Let's go kill some Originals. We're on board with that battle, Damon. Trust me, I'm excited to see where this all goes. But wasn't that also the mission many weeks ago? Where have we really gone since then? And, honestly, why do they even want to kill the Originals anymore? They aren't even in Mystic Falls, for the most part, and haven't really done much in awhile.

Let's hope the concluding set of season three episodes stop spinning and start moving forward with the momentum that made us all embrace TVD from the outset.

What were the highlights of an overall mediocre installment? A number of nice character moments and exchanges. We had Bonnie embracing Elena; Caroline doing her best to convince Abby to stay, by invoking the memory of her father; Elena shedding quiet tears on the phone with Jeremy (great work in this scene by Nina Dobrev); and, best of all, Stefan realizing that he could overcome his blood lust, thanks to Elena.

You're gonna be okay, she told Meredith. But I somehow doubt the fallen doctor was the only person for whom this message was intended.

What did you think of the episode? Were you intrigued or bored by the appearance of Sage? Do you blame Rebekah for bedding Damon again? Do you care that Bonnie's mom left again? And where can we find Own it. Live it. Love it. bumper stickers?


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My main problem is that it has been how many episodes since half the season have past and still I have no idea where are we going...where is s3 taking us? And the show seriously has to stop relying on throwing in scenes with shirtless Damon to boost up ratings I suppose..Maybe for 13 year-old girls its enough, but honestly I tired of seeing Damon as either Elena's doormat or a gigolo...especially after his epic sponsor speech to Stefan last week.


Why oh why people want Elena to be like Katherine?
Why do so many of you like to watch history repeat itself ? Elena be Stefan than with Damon and maybe again with Stefan and again with Damon
so at the end she can choose to be alone or with Matt !
From season 1 it was said that it is Stefan diary not Damon-Stefan it telling his story!
So I don’t see how he would tell story of how his brother fall in love with the same girl that he loves
And how they lived happily ever after !
Also all the haters that don’t like Bonnie, Abby, Caroline etc ….. why are you watching the show ?
Why do you pair people to be a couple ? Caroline –Taylor –Klaus
Bonnie –Jeremy etc. …….
it’s not a Brazilian soap opera where everyone sleeps with everyone and in the evening they all have a supper together !
and since when Julie Plec said that Elena and Damon will be together ????
just sit back and enjoy the show and stop complaining !


Wasn't even hot. It was just two desperate, pathetic people can't handling pain and doing it. Lame. Rebekah's character is totally ruined. She was gonna LEAVE Klaus, KNOWING the consequences, for STEFAN. There was sooo much potential for Stebekah. Their backstory and chemistry all wasted. Remember that Rebekah is an original and for her to feel the way she did about Stefan knowing ALL the countless bachelors she's met is saying a lot. She was gonna abandon Klaus for him. Whatever. TVD better step it up or its gonna continue to plummet and fast.


"Also yes, people, we are allowed TO NOT like the show and criticize it for its mistakes. It does not make us less of "fans", but you know what it makes us NOT BE? Blind fangirls who accept everything the writers throw at them no matter what that is." Definitely this. I've really really enjoyed this show S1 and S2 and even parts of S3 BUT you can tell its declining quickly. Why can't shows LAST nowadays? Buffy the Vampire Slayer lasted and was INCREDIBLE the whole way through. Why can't shows be like that now? Same with Gossip Girl, sooo good in the beginning but now its literally if i miss it, "ehhh w/e i'll just watch next weeks". And now unfortunately same with TVD unless they start to straighten themselves out. BTW, Rebekah sleeping with Damon RUINED her character. Not only did she do it once, but TWICE. She was soooooo in love with Stefan in the 1920s(LOVED that episode btw) and when she came back she hardly tried to win him back and now she slept with Damon? That scene wasn't even hot, just two desperate, pathetic people can't handling pain so they just do it. Lame. Remember people she was gonna LEAVE Klaus, KNOWING the consequences, for Stefan. So so lame. Please TVD, STEP IT UP!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I can't see any road the show wants to take and I haven't seen any in the last episodes. Everything seems to be random and accidentally. It's just not the Vampire Diaries I have enjoyed until last year.
The show has been flying all around the place this year, baiting fangirls with cheap fanservice but not really moving into any direction and just...standing still and rotting in one place. Everything that happens gets undone or becomes pointless few eps down the line and NOTHING comes out of it all. If there was a textbook definition of "milking the franchise for money" TVD would be the textbook example of it now.


Worst episode ever :-( Nothing really worked for me, nothing made me feel excited, no character was - in any way - outstanding! I don't give a damn about Bonnie and her mother, I don't care at all if Stefan and Elena will be together again in the near future, Caroline was totally underchallenged and Alaric's storyline was just ... there ... but not thrilling. And Sage? Really??? She seemed to be an independent, freedom-loving woman last week, but now we get to know she WAITED NINEHUNDRED YEARS for a guy she knew maybe a few weeks or months?! Even if she knew him for some years - almost a millennium is quite a while!!! So - seriously? She still does everything for him? I can't see any road the show wants to take and I haven't seen any in the last episodes. Everything seems to be random and accidentally. It's just not the Vampire Diaries I have enjoyed until last year.


My question is will Mer ride into the sunset with Alaric, make them a couple which can last!I really dig torrrey and she is an amazing actress but her character wasn't well written here!And of course a spell can fix everything! Great they didn't forgot about Jer!
The arrival of Sage! I wanted more than some hot and nasty scenes! U can't trust Sage! But on the other side the Damon/Stefan bounding! i really great!?
Caro is the star of this show!she is so strong and I love her!such a huge development!Liked the struggle of Abby,she is a pretty strong character!And Bonnie forgive her again! XD
One of the weaker eps of this season! Miss the first half, but they should've make up for it n these last 5!


The underlying problem is Sage is Ugly im sorry but its just so hard to make her face pretty in my mind. She looks like William Dafoe.


The episode wasn't bad but I miss seeing Tyler and Jeremy....I don't like Sage at all and felt like her presence wasn't super important. I thought the writers were going to have Damon and Elena get together and now I am confused which direction they are heading. Oh well can't wait for more. :)


anyone else think that he (jeremy) is not telling us something.

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