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U guys need to lay off Bonnie. What was she suppose to do? Kol was watching Jeremy and if she said no, he would have been killed in 3 seconds? Did u guys miss that part or do u just like to bash Bonnie. The reason these characters r even alive is because of her.


When esther link the originals together she used elena's blood as the first element or process in linking them so why is it that bonnie didn't use elena's blood in unlinking them?Does this make sense at all?


I totally saw this storyline coming (and actually had been wondering why there wasn't any sort of connection between those who shared blood), I totally forgot about Rose (was that Lauren Cohan?, I know it was to spoil Klaus' plans, so wouldn't it be reasonable that Klaus turned Rose, after all, she had to know the plans, though I suppose that makes Elijah a likely person). I am pleased that it appears we are going to remember that Jeremy had developed a power of his own that they are going to investigate, presumably to ask Rose who turned her). I too didn't really feel anything for Bonnie when she broke down, which is odd, I am usually on board with her.


Totally, Elena should have to fallen into Stefans arms, instead of saying she wasn't sure.


I agree with this review, it seems nothing is happening that's intriguing on this show anymore and season 3 is just so flat. Season 1 and 2 were so much better. I liked the fact that Stefan finally told Elena he loves her and always will but it did not make any sense at all why he's pushing her to think of her feelings for Damon. Who cares if she thinks she may feel something for Damon, he's an ass and doesn't deserve her. Why is Stefan even putting things in her head that may not be there? That seemed completely not natural at all.


@Matt: I just think that Bonnie could use a little more love that's all. As someone hilariously pointed out, she broke down crying outside Klaus' mansion because apparently she doesn't have a place to live... that we've seen anyway

I also forgot to mention that I agree with everything else you said, it's just that Bonnie part that I didn't like.


Overall I do enjoy the show. But I agree with Matt the show is kind of all over the place. Some storyline have started/ended too quickly.
I liked when Klaus was beginning to get to Caroline or so it seemed. I like that he has/had a thing for her. I think Caroline being torn between Tyler and Klaus would be more interesting and realistic then the whole Elena/Damon/Stefan situation. I miss the old Stefan and Elena. I'm an Elena, Stefan fan. Damon is hot there's no denying that, but I don't really care for him and Elena as a couple or to have a 'thing'.
I agree Bonnie is getting annoying, she has no backbone.


Im so close to give up with this show , always bringing dead people back . the characters and the plot always running around in circles and im still wondering what the hell Klaus still doing on the show . The bad guy has a crush on Caroline , the girl that once he tried to kill , The twists if i can call then that , are predictable , the only Deaths on this shows are the guest stars , and elena well elena doesnt have emotions and almost the entire town try to kill her , and more cons , This show sucks


the opening scene was nice!
why not kill klaus?he killed jenna,he is an ass,he would've killed them all! they should take them down all!that's for the reason!they are to powerful by the way!but the Originals are a pretty good combination!and their dynamic was tremendous!I even liked Finn.First time i liked KLAUS!his cruelty gave the episode a nice touch!klaus knowing all and being all blackmail cruel.Klaus plan from the start was make a family that won't betray him!That will follow him,cause he is THE HYBRID!
becca messing with D's head! :DD
I'm a huge fan of stelena scenes!they make my day!
I got Bonnie, but that is the story that connects that connects through the whole episode.Loved Kate G performans.
I said already that the twist will be in them being connected to their bloodlines,connected to the one that made them.
So if they kill Klaus,Tyler will die?And leave my C desperate?


Everyone should ask themselves - what purpose did Elena's fake death serve? What purpose "bad steffie" serve? Gloria? Necklace hunt? coffin hunt? coffin opening? Mikael? white oak tree? Originals? Oak stakes?

Mmm, yep, true, a lot of these elements we see and saw in the previous seasons kind of felt like they were just given to us but we didn't really know what for and if it is really worth the episode time spent on these elements. Like the whole thing about the moonstone, which in the end did not that bigger role as it was advertised to be. Or Michael, everyone was like oh he is so bad and will kill everyone...and then they just killed him off and burred that suspense with him. Or the Originals, with all this talk that they need to be killed, but in reality they are all suffering from being who they are and each episode is spent on seeing how nice they could be?!

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