The Vampire Diaries First Look: Hope for Alaric?

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Alaric appears to be in serious trouble. That much was made clear at the conclusion of last Thursday's "1912."

Can anything be done?

No, if you believe our favorite history teacher is on the same path as Samantha Gilbert, whose fate is revealed in the following Vampire Diaries clip. Watch now as Stefan - after being caught in an awkward situation - delivers the depressing news to Elena. He's not exactly a ray of sunshine these days, is he?

For a look at more scenes from the upcoming installment, check out the official Vampire Diaries preview for "Break On Through" now.

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yes i agree to you all 13 people sorry but i love stefan and elane


@jacqueline Elena salvatore:
My thoughts exactly.

David and sabrina 2014

It would be messed up if Stefan really breaks Elena's heart for good and the show will go upside down and it won't feel like a love story anymore. I don't want the show's love story to die and Klaus should die already to have Stefan return to his normal self. Vampire Diaries will never be the same if the love dies. =O =..(


Everyone has made key points that should be addressed by the writers. You know things aren't going well when all the comments agree that nowadays Elena = annoying, simple, naive, bitch. No offense to Nina, but Plec and the typewriter gang need to gather it together.


You have all made valid points.


@ point
haha you've got a point! and ugh Is it only me or is Elena getting more irritating every episode. I find her such a bragging useless bitch last couple off episodes. Why is she even worth it


I didn't take her reaction to be against him drinking blood. I think her comment at the end was more a jab against his callousness in describing what happened to Samantha and Alaric's likely fate. Earlier she offers to 'help' him any way she can, implying Damon has filled her in on the plan and she is on board with Stefan learning to manage the thirst. But Stefan is afraid to let Elena get close to him again so he makes his jerky comments. I think the comments that have been made about this season have been unduly harsh, though I will admit to a little disappointment in the plot developments since 3x09. I thought 3x09 had set up a perfect opportunity to change the relationship dynamics by having a Stefan/Kat team working to get revenge on Klaus, and a Damon/Elena team whose focus not so much revenge as protection. But instead the triangle remains basically unchanged and no one has really evolved. My hope now that Stefan and Damon are teamed up and Elena is on the outs with Bonnie is that she might be pushed into an unlikely alliance of her own with either Kat or an Original (or even a returned Tatia). It would give her a chance to have a dark, devious (or at least a tough and cunning) side too. Feels like it is a time for one of the central characters to break pattern.


They need to make characters more deep not just good guy who is bad(Stefan),bad guy who is good(Damon),good naive girl...They have 150 years history,in that period the brothers have met each other no more of few years .150 years history- 2 WW,sexual revolution,culture revolution,tech era,vietnam and hippys,where were the brothers in those significant events.They don't know each others destiny.


Not liking the way things are building up on TVD any longer.Elena is a silly girl simple. The only reason I still watch this show is because of Stefan and catherine.


Yes, hello Elena, Stefan needs to drink the blood to build a tolerance. And as Jose T pointed out, she gave him her own blood in the past for the same reason. I feel like this show is going in dizzying circles and I'm no longer for Elena and anyone. I want Stefan to be with Katherine, have for a while. I love Elena's relationship with Alaric and now that will be destroyed. I don't know, I'll still watch but I'm just not loving things right now.

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