The Vampire Diaries Clip: TVD Meets THG!

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You heard the often-shirtless man: Let's kill some Originals, Damon Salvatore told his brother to close last week's "Break on Through."

But, let's face it, that's a difficult job, even when you have chunks of white oak in your hand. Hence, the need for reinforcement, as depicted in the following scene from Thursday's "The Murder of One."

With Bonnie recovering from the departure of her mother, the following sneak peek features Elena, Caroline and Matt, as they're called in for a "cryptic secret meeting" and then presented with weapons to get the job done.

Hmmm... a group of teenager in the woods? Arming themselves for an epic battle? Is this The Vampire Diaries or The Hunger Games? Watch now:

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David and sabrina 2014

From this part I've seen of the episode, it's like a combination of the show originally and the hunger games when they prepare to take down originals. They may have not gotten all of them but we'll eventually find out in each episode we watch. =] =O


they all have awesome thinking skills


"Long story, wait for the movie" :-D Great. Agree to the comments so far - this 'plan' is absolutely stupid!


Given TVD's record of making sensible decisions, i find that very unlikely.


I don't think they are sending Elena or Matt into battle just giving them a weapon in case klaus shows up at their door they could easily surprise him with a white oak stake which he thinks is gone.


@ kol
Lolol, thats whats the spoiler is about, Caroline playing a big role saving Klaus bcus killin the salvatores


Yeah, give Caroline a stake that can kill her idiot Salvatores.


agree with you all! tvd always has a point in the episode that blows you away, like a unexpected turn on the story! thats why we all think this storyline is TOO easy
it would suck if it is really their plan


I don't know, sometimes I get this feeling that since Klaus always thinks two steps ahead, that the only way to kill him is to hire a sniper and give him those White Oak bullets..I don't think Klaus could see that coming...could he?


@ RedOktober, yeah plus they all should have guns with wooden bullets.

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