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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 103

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You got us, CL.

The winner of this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest cracked us up by calling us out, going meta with the following submission and taking the TV Fanatic staff to task for choosing the wrong photo from "All My Children" to feature. Very well played, reader.

As always, our sincere thanks to all who participated. Check out the winning caption below and come back every week to make us laugh and try to win!

Salvatore Bros

Stefan: How long are we going to be stuck looking up?
Damon: Until someone realizes that me throwing Kol off the balcony would have been the best picture to caption.

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Damon: There he out for that guy on the left now, that's it...aaand...another 3 pointer! Unbelievable!
Stefan: The dude isn't called Linsanity for nothing.
Elena (from the off): Hello! We've got more important things to do than watch basketball on Klaus's flat screen!
Damon: Surely the Wicked Witch can wait another 15 minutes...
Stefan: Plus overtime. And the interviews after.


Stefan: How long are we going to be stuck looking up?
Damon: Until someone realizes that me throwing Kol off the balcony would have been the best picture to caption.


Stefan: Ok, remember once Elena walks in, I'll pout, you do the eye-talking. Maybe that way she will stop trying to change both of us.


Damon: Once we are done with Klaus, we need to move out of Mystic Falls
Stefan: Why?
Damon: We found love in a hopeless place...again!


Damon: Come on brother, stop looking at elena that way, its my turn now... but you're right she looks smokin'


Stefan: I think I still love Elena.
Damon: Oh. Hey, where’s the bus gone?
Stefan: What bus?
Damon: The bus full of people who care!


Damon: What is it? You’ve been standing here for half an hour!
Stefan: That plant over there is freaking staring at me.
Damon: Ohh-kay… You give me your glass right now.


Damon: How long are we gonna have to stand here and stare like this?
Stefan: I don't know. Keep it up though, that way nobody will notice that I just totally farted.


Stefan: Damon, Mr. Shue asked me to remind you to return his vest. ^^^ AMY needs to win .. just too hilarious


Damon: So you know we've both been with Katherine, and Rebekah... and you've been with Elena?? You seeing what I'm getting at?