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Just went to watch TVD on my DVR and discovered it didn't record. AAHHHHH!! Does the CW replay it at all during the week? Thanks in advance!


Also Bonnie forgiving Elena and SHOW NOT EVEN EXPLORING THE THEME OF HOW ELENA HAS BEEN HURTING PEOPLE AROUND HER plain infuriated me. Damn Mary Sue Elena Swan, whoever is responsible for writing your character should have been fired way back in you are no better than bella.


- Abby came as plot device and left after her plotdevice role ended, BRINGING NOTHING NEW TO BONNIE'S CHARACTER...what was the point of her being there then?
- Overall entire episode YET AGAIN brought nothing new to the table. Another filler episode? YOUBETCHA...


I knew that Sage was going to betray Damon from the beginning and possessed Alaric was interesting but they had to bring that to a end. In next week episode they are going to kill the Original family but Damon, Stefan, and Caroline cannot kill them without being killed and Klaus is still a werewolf so it will not work on him. Do they ever use common sense? Back to this episode, I did not believe that Elena miss her brother one bit because she only wants him back because of that ring.


- Did not expect them to ruin Sage this much. Oh god so much sexism and misogyny there...
- Melissa(refusing to call her meredith since she is nothing like meredith) is still uselessly boring and bland.
- Alaric plotline smells of filler and boredom. Its obvious which plotline of the books they are trying to bring through this but Its just way too trainwrecky in its execution for me to care.

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