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I'm pretty sure it's Faye. Aside from the obvious connection between John Blackwell and Dawn, Eva getting Faye's power might have been the hint that she too has dark magic. The way Eva used her power was pretty dark to me so I think even though there was some elements of voodoo there, Faye's power could be dark as well.


JOHN DE LANCIE!!!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I love his voice. Can't wait to see his role in the next episode. Three Weeks? Start the countdown.


3 weeks of waiting :( ... i think that the sister is Melissa, which would be really fun IMO. I'm really excited about this show


In the promo it made it seem like Faye, but the episode before last made me lean towards Melissa, espicially when she was talking to Blackwell about her mom. I would like it to be Faye but I think it will probably be Melissa.(Even though Cassie and Faye being sisters would be a way better storyline since they basically hate each other.)
I also have another theory that if it is Melissa, they will probably eventually kill her off this season or beginning of next season, as to not take away from the main chacter(Cassie), who is suppose to appear as the most powerful figure.


Everyone's convinced the other Balcoin Baby was Faye. I have a sneaking suspicion it might actually be Melissa. It's a chance to make her character relevant, give her a proper storyline AND give her a chance to one-up Faye in a way that really hurts and could bring out some real depth in both characters.

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