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There are few things better than when a couple of rivals put their differences aside, even if just for a moment. Since the feud between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute is one of the most iconic rivalries on television, their momentary truce in "Last Day in Florida," was especially enjoyable.

It took a while for Dwight to get to that moment, but once he did, his outstretched arm to help Jim up off the floor might have been the most human we have seen out of the beet farmer in the history of The Office.

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It helped that we witnessed Jim trying, trying and trying again to help Dwight out in the situation. He mentioned earlier that it was not bittersweet but sweet that Dwight was staying in Florida for good, but when Jim realized his rival was going to get fired for no good reason, he had to save Dwight. It was great to see.

The enjoyment of these two getting along wasn't the only positive to come out of this storyline. We also got the hilarity of Dwight revving his engine by sliding his feet on the rug, jumping off the wall while screaming "Jackie Chan," and smacking Jim's present off of a tee like it was a golf ball.

Packer taking the fall on the whole ordeal was an added bonus. He got what was coming to him after trying to steal what was obviously Dwight's position for the taking.

Back in Scranton there was a less heartwarming, but probably funnier situation. Any time Kevin Malone is at the center of your story. you are going to be in good shape, but making it all about his love for cookies was an even better idea.

Kevin's song about cookies was fantastic, his smile when Darryl and Toby started fighting over him was better, and the fact that Darryl, Toby and Kevin all ended up singing the Frog from Looney Tunes song might have been the best of all.

The only downfall? This Andy and Erin deal is starting to wear on me. I couldn't have cared less about the two of them being apart. I think I would enjoy Erin hanging out with Irene for the rest of the season. I mean, someone needs to help the girl out with her technological challenges.

Now that the crew is back from Florida, where will the rest of the season take us? Unfortunately, it will probably begin with Andy going to get Erin back to Scranton. After that, though, I hope we get back to some classic Jim/Dwight pranking!

What did you all think of "Last Day In Florida?" Were you glad Jim saved Dwight? How about the trip to Florida in general? Are you as angry as Stanley that it's over? Or are you glad to have the whole crew back together? Check out all the best lines in our The Office quotes section and then sound off in the comments!  

Last Day in Florida Review

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