The Good Wife Round Table: "Gloves Come Off"

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The gloves came off on The Good Wife last week, both on the ice between hockey players and in the boardroom between equity partners.

What did you think of Michael J. Fox's latest appearance and Alicia's demand for a raise? Sound off below on these topics and more, along with TV Fanatic Round Table members Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Alicia's confrontation with Diane over her raise and Canning's offer. I didn't expect Diane to shoot back that her quasi protege could clean out her desk by the end of the day if she was dissatisfied, but it was another great example of The Good Wife giving us rich, complicated, mature, layered relationships.

Carissa: Alicia finally admitting she would try with Kalinda. It's about time. Their friendship was realistic and one of the best parts of The Good Wife. The show has been lacking without it.

Christine: As much as I didn't like Tammy coming back into the picture, I loved the hate-filled look she shot Alicia as she walked out the door. She basically told Alicia that she was the other woman in their scenario. True or not, there was something about that scene that stuck with me and made me wonder what Tammy will be up to next.

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Which man should Diane choose?
Matt: It's a tough matchup of accent versus mustache, but I give it to that impressive piece of facial hair and lend my support to Kurt McVeigh.

Carissa: I don't know if she should choose either. I really like the Gary Cole character, but he's just too different for her and takes her way out of her comfort zone. The other guy could get her into legal trouble with his questionable serving practices. She should continue to date around and have fun. I wish they had shown her two dates. I could watch an entire episode of that weekend!

Christine: Although I like them both, I'm not sure either one of them is good enough for her. Diane deserves to be romanced, not stood up at a restaurant for an hour. And as much as I like Cole, it feels like that relationship has played out.

Who is leaking Will's movements at the firm to the disciplinary board?
Matt: I'll go with Julius. Only because both David Lee and Eli aren't the type to go behind one's back. They are cut throat and all business, but everyone knows it and they'll tell you how they feel right to your face. Honest, but not under-handed.

Carissa: I don't know, but their infighting is getting embarrassing. I don't particularly like any of the three suspects as possibilities for this leak, so I'm going to assume it's someone completely off the wall and off of our radar.

Christine: Oh, it could be any of those little weasels. I'll say it again: Will is damn lucky to have Diane. That kind of loyalty is hard to find.

Alicia's beer rejection from Kalinda: Too harsh?
Matt: Not really. You can't blame her for it at least. Alicia was looking at that house, already stuck in the past, and the last thing she needed in that moment was a reminder of just why those memories are so painful.

Carissa: Too harsh. But, happy ending. See above.

Christine: It was harsh, but I understood it. It's a lot of emotional baggage to put aside but at least she tried to make some amends at the end.

Grade this week's case.
Matt: A. No technology? Check! No unnecessary parallel to some personal situation? Check! An interesting topic that reflects an ongoing debate in the world of sports? Check.

Carissa: A. Finally a case I could enjoy. Nothing in it was personal and it was interesting. Somehow I think Alicia giving that memo to Louis Canning is going to come back and bite her in the butt, though.

Christine: B. I'm a casual hockey fan and I don't mind a good fight on the ice, but the case brought up some valid points and definitely held my interest.

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