Shameless Review: Holiday from Hell

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Just when you think Shameless can't top itself, it goes and truly blows your mind. "Just Like the Pilgrims Intended" was just another example of why you need to expect the unexpected when it comes to this drama.

Things got very dark at Thanksgiving for the Gallaghers. Despite the build up of Monica's depression and Karen's psychosis, it was still a graphic and jaw-dropping episode. I had to remind myself to breathe at parts.

Sheila and Jody

Someone with extreme bipolar disorder can only subsist for so long without taking his/her meds. In addition to ignoring her treatment, Monica was doing a Hell of a lot of recreational drugs and that couldn't have helped her psyche at all. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before everything imploded.

Holidays are usually more stressful than they are happy and this was a severe case. Despite Frank's best efforts to bring Monica's spirits up, which showed a lot of love on his own twisted part, it wasn't enough. She needed professional care. The minute she told Ian she was going to wash her hands, I got that ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Monica slitting her wrists was, graphic, upsetting and unsettling... but most of all it was the fact that her young children were looking on at her almost bleeding to death on the floor that was so sad. Luckily, Steve sprung into action with Kev's help and they were able to save her life. That Jimmy Steve, he's good to have around in a crisis, eh?

The other heartbreaking part of this episode was the aftermath of Karen's birth. She could not give less than a crap about anyone but herself. Poor Lip completely thought it was his baby. Then, we find out that in addition to having a different father, the baby had Down Syndrome. When the adoptive mother broke down in the hospital and ran, I felt so upset for this helpless little child who was just born into this effed up world.

By the way, under no circumstances would that many people be allowed into a delivery room at once. Absolutely not. I've been in the room for two live births and it always astounds me to see how things are depicted on television.

Sheila and Jody kidnapping the baby was almost amusing. Is it weird to think they would do a good job raising a baby? I mean, sure Karen turned out to be a sociopath, but at no point have I ever found Sheila or Jody to be unloving or uncaring. They are actually both really compassionate and tender people. Only time will tell. Especially because there is likely security footage of her kidnapping her grandchild.

On the lighter side of the episode, Marco is back and Steve is free! That kiss between him and Fi was long overdue. Steve and Lip are a good duo. Ian is getting some booty. Carl is one heck of a shot. Not to encourage adolescent drug dealing, but if Carl had brought home that massive bag of coke along with his newfound gun, it could have seriously boosted the squirrel fund.

The whole scene with Fiona, Carl, Debbie, V and Kev in the kitchen was actually very sweet. They makes light as much as they can.

That was a big and bold episode to take in. What did you all think? Were you expecting what you got with Monica and Karen? Don't forget to check out the Shameless quotes of the week and hit the comments!


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The baby is Asian AND has Down Syndrome.


Amazing episode. I'll be so sad to see this season come to an end. @Escarlata: The song played at the end of the show was "Get On The Road" by Tired Pony. Tired Pony is a side project of Gary Lightbody's, the lead singer of Snow Patrol. And the female vocalist in the song is the actress Zooey Deschanel.


I really love Shameless, but honestly, that was one of the most HORRIFIC episodes I have ever seen. The whole bald eagle bit with Carl was stupid and unrealistic...'cause of course a bald eagle would be flying around Chicago, and a young kid shooting his first gun would be able to kill it. Also, the constant portrayal of gay men as hyper-masculine is just annoying. YES, some gay men are masculine, but there is such thing as those who embrace their feminine side. I understand the desire to show a different side to gay men in comparison to what is often shown on TV, but every one of the many gay characters who have appeared on Shameless were either closeted, hyper-masculine or both. Then, the ridiculous birth scene! No hospital would allow so many people to be in the room with a woman giving birth. And come was not that important for the whole cast to be there for Karen's birth. I am SO disappointed and feel like that was just laziness on the part of whoever put the episode together. Hope the finale is better...


Here I leave a video I miss


so does the baby have down syndrome? what i got from it was the doctors said there is something wrong....then fiona said it has down syndrome...then lip said AND its asian...and the adopting parents i gather found out the baby had down syndrome and didnt want to take that on


Karens baby does not have down syndrome. Fiona looked at the baby and said its either asian or has down syndrome. Karen then informed Lip that she had sex with Tommy Wong as much as she did with Lip. Lip tells the adopting parents and they GTFO. Racist bastards don't want an asian baby!


Great episode. I wonder if Lip is going to get into trouble because he drove the car that ended up being used in the robbery of the convenience store. And since Mandy was none too pleased that Lip left her, I wouldn't be surprised if she gave him up to the cops. As far as Jody being the legal father, didn't Karen get him to sign the annulment? And Chloe Webb is a fantastic actress, nuff said!


Loved the episode. Action packed. It's like a big thick soup.


I am a Spanish fan and I would like to know the song's end, many thanks and sorry for if I have alguan missing.


I will never complain about one of my family's holiday get-togethers again.

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