Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Scoop: Secrets and Swans

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's season two finale of Pretty Little Liars.

So... are you satisfied? On this wildly-hyped concluding episode, we learned the identity of A. Sort of.

Masks and Mystery

But is Mona really A? Was the reveal a cop-out because now the show will just turn its attention to a new stalker (B?) on season three, which kicks off on June 5? Or a series of stalkers, all members of Team A? Creator Marlene King answered a few pressing questions in a post-finale interview with Entertainment Weekly...

Why Mona? "She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison’s friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna.”

Who else is on Team A? “I don’t think anyone should assume anything...  we’re going to have the Pretty Little Liars and everyone keep a little bit of radio silence on the tweeting until we come back because we really want people to be surprised with what season 3 of the show is.”

Come on. Just a bit of season 3 scoop please? Okay...

  • Mona will still be around.
  • We'll meet members of Ezra's family.
  • The question of whether Alison's death and Maya's death is related will be addressed.
  • What about the Black Swan? "That’s a mystery that’s coming back,” King says. “Who was that person talking to Jenna and Lucas? And who is the Black Swan?”
  • Garrett will remain in jail for Allison’s murder.
  • The NAT club will play a key role.
  • And who was the person in red? "Red is the new black," King simply says.

What did you think of the A reveal? Were you happy with it?


Red is the new black-the person in the red coat was the Black Swan? And I think the Black Swan was Melissa. They had her exact facial structure and features. OR the person in the red coat is Alison. Remember when Mona ran into her as Vivian, Alison was wearing a red coat? Hmmm, this is hurting my mind!

Leon alexis

I do really like "Pretty Little Liars"!!!


I was mostly surprised During the season finally of pretty little liars. I loved how they reveled A(Mona) it was a thrill, but it was very predictable because I read the series. I want Allison to still be alive because it will be like the book but I would really like if they switched it up a little. This television series is amazing and I have watched it since the being so I know this season will be amazing and many pretty little liars fans will enjoy it greatly!!!


The season finale left me very suspicious of Dr. A. Sullivan. I am afraid that she tricked Toby by letting him believe he helped. (That is the conclusion if I think emotionally, because I want Toby to be a hero. ) But if I try to look at the strategic planning for a good plot, the more interesting story would be if Toby was manipulating Dr. Sullivan. — And isn't it interesting that "Anne Sullivan" was the teacher who taught blind Helen Keller how to read Braille and communicate... red herring, or more than meets the "eye?"


Definitely loved the finale. I think Alison is still alive too. . . and I really hope she's that girl in red... and the black swan too.


hey i really enjoyed this finale, made me cry about maya though they were so good together but i am a little sceptical about two things though , firstly emilys mom said they think its maya so i could just be a mistake and find out its someone else because if he was dead she must have been dead for a good few months for them to have to question identity and mayas been sending messages to emily unless that was A. secondly, it says 'red is the new black' so i think the balck swans a cover up and that the lady in the red is A. though i still am not fully convinced alison is dead yet :)


I was half disappointed and half shocked. I was so shocked that it was Mona because I had gone off that theory a long time ago, and I went off it completely when Lucy Hale herself said that A wasn't Mona! It was a really good finale though, Mona was really scary in A's lair when Spencer found out it was her! I honestly don't know if Alison is dead or not..I don't understand the whole twin thing and if that's true then I want the Alison the girls knew to be alive! I felt terrible for Hanna, she is my favourite and always has been! I just love Ashley Benson! She is such an amazing actress and her character is the best, love it. I was so happy with the Haleb Ezria & Spoby scenes, but absolutely heartbroken with the Emaya scene, my heart broke for Emily. I wonder who killed Maya? We'll have to wait and see. Pretty Little Liars season 3 airs June 5th, don't miss this! -A


I've never read the books but I knew Mona would be A. I'm also not disappointed with it. I do think she has a team working with her. She did refer to them as the A Team. I'm sure Jenna and Lucas are somehow involved. I also agree though that if Mona wasn't the real A all along, it will get a bit irritating. I enjoyed the finale though.
I was happy to see Aria and Ezra stay together. They are actually the main reason I enjoy the show.


All I can say is that my heart broke for Emily! I love Maya and Emily together. It's interesting to me that this did not happen to any of the straight couples. The writers have to be aware that there are mad Emaya fnas out there and they disappointed us.


I thought the storyline was going away from the books but this brought it back. If anyone has read the books you already know who the murderer is. Still the show is soo good I cant stop watching. Can not wait til next season!

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