Pretty Little Liars Review: Will the Real A Please Stand Up?

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Anticipation for tonight's episode has been growing since the series premiered. In my excitement for the big reveal, I invited some fellow fans over for a Pretty Little Liars viewing party, and I'm pretty sure many others did the same.

"UnmAsked," as the title suggests, was meant to shock us all with the unveiling of A's real identity. But did we get what we were promised?

Mona and Spencer

To avoid further delay - *Spoiler Alert* - Mona is A. Yes, the frustration of losing Hanna to her former BFFs at the start of the series apparently drove her to start sending harassing text messages to each of them. But it was those very same messages that brought the girls closer together. When Mona showed up in the black hoodie, the collective reaction of this viewing group was: "Ummm... okay."

The buildup to this big reveal had the girls finding a secret hotel not far from the secluded landing strip that Ali used when she returned from Hilton Head. Once the girls arrived at the Lost Woods Resort, the show paid a not so subtle nod to Psycho. From the creepy owner to the taxidermy and the spooky photo of dear old mom, it was hard to miss the references. When Hanna got into that shower, we all got pretty nervous.

But the girls didn't have to worry about the hotel owner; it was Mona who delivered the final creepy monologue while sitting in the police station. Now, Mona being A was not such a surprising turn of events. Remember when she used her superior computing and deception skills to help Emily during the lock-in? Or how about last week when she had the perfect opportunity to send Hanna a message about making out with Caleb?

She's been present for a lot of key plot developments and manipulated her way into the group by pretending to get messages from A as well.

While her involvement makes sense, it was definitely a disappointing reveal. From the start of the series, we've been told that the show would follow a different A storyline. Lucy Hale even once said: "We're doing it completely different on the show."

So, what's different about Mona being A?

Perhaps it's the fact that Mona doesn't seem to be working alone. Despite Dr. Sullivan's (yep, she's finally back!) assertion that Mona's hyper-intelligence could give her the appearance of omnipresence, no one in my little viewing party thought that Mona could do it alone.

Plus, we saw Jenna meeting up with someone, possibly Mona, and revealing that she could see again. And then there was the strange gathering of Jenna, Lucas, and the mystery woman in the black swan outfit. On top of that, Melissa was acting all sorts of scary/threatening when she told the girls that she didn't believe Ian killed Alison, but that Garrett probably thought Ali deserved to die after blinding Jenna.

Mona asked Spencer to join team A, but who else is on that team? Mona even told her mystery visitor in the mental hospital that she had done what she asked to do. Is Mona just a puppet or was she the only A?

What really bothered me about the finale was that despite getting an identity for A, even that revelation wasn't 100% certain. As one of my friends very rightly pointed out, the problem with the show is that it can be so manipulative without being fully satisfying. Were you more satisfied or disappointed with the finale?

The parts of the finale that were satisfying and a little shocking didn't really involve A. We got confirmation that Aria and Ezra did take a big step in their physical relationship, and at the masquerade ball, Ezria finally went public. He removed Aria's mask to kiss her in front of all the attendees. I guess he figures he's done in Rosewood anyway so there aren't any remaining obstacles to their relationship. Except her parents.

Spoby also reunited, as Dr. Sullivan revealed that it was Toby who convinced her to return to Rosewood and face Mona. Toby confirmed that he was only pretending to hate Spencer.

And... Maya's dead? Emily's been getting messages and phone calls from Maya, but the police found Maya's body at Emily's home. Has she been dead all this time? If so, who's been contacting Emily? Was she the black swan at the masquerade? And more importantly, who killed her?

Sound off now, PLL fans: Were you happy with the reveal of A?


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Okay- why is everyone so upset Mona is A? Would you rather it have been Jenna? That would have been blatantly obvious. People wanted a huge shocker- but how would that be completely possible? There would be gaps in the story and unexplained occurences. I thought this episode was fantastic- I am especially glad Spoby is back together!!


I know there are people on here who don't understand why people are mad about mona being A just because she was A in the books....I don't think that is why people are mad. At least me personally I am mad because it was specifically said that A would not be the same person as in the book. Lying in order to keep it a mystery is just poor handling of the issue. If they had've never said that it wasn't going to be the same person I would have assumed it was Mona because a lot of signs pointed to her and I would have been less excited to find out who A is and been willing to just focus on other aspects of the show. Instead I let myself get really excited to find out who it was going to end up being and finding out why and now it was just a let down.


Didn't the girls split up after Ali died and became friends again after they found her body? If that was the case, Mona's story doesn't line up because they got there first text from A at her funeral.
And wasn't Tony mad at Spencer for messing around with the doctor? He just let that go all Willy nilly?
It was way too cheesy how it was developed. I was extremely upset.
My biggest problem was I signed on to the PLL facebook page and ignorant people who read the books would just randomly post it on there to ruin the surprise. If you're reading this, thanks guys.
For the sake of surprise, I hope they can change it up a little more.


This was the most anticlimatic ending ever..I've read the books, so of course I knew Mona was the first A, but they said they didn't follow the books, but at the same time really heavily implied that Mona was A, which I thought was to throw us off...Not happy about the ending at all..I wanted to be shocked! :P I would have preferred Ezra to be A, to be honest!


And my post earlier about the ezria thing, I meant lucas not relbelle, sorry


im pretty sure that black swan girl was vivienne darkbloom, as she has that red coat too
also, like mona asked spencer that you wanna join us, or die.
ali must hv choosen to join her or something!


the black swan person was so Mellisa! Noone else on the show looks like that.
But Mellisa is pregnant, I know. So... Is she really? I would not be suprised if she was not. And it really looked so much like her.
I hoped EzrA would be A. That would be so much fun and exiting. This bored me... The revealing bored me.
And team A? Spencer? That was just lame. Like she woult ever join.
all in all, as a season finalle - huge bummer.
At least Spoby is all good. That makes it kinda better.
And does anyone else think that the girls reacted kinda oddly when Aria told them about the Ezra sex? That was so... badly written.


Last night's episode was interesting, especially that I haven't read the books. The biggest question I have is: How did Toby know how to contact Dr. Sullivan? He wasn't seeing her. Even the girls couldn't find her. How did he know her phone number? I am pondering the suggestion, in another reply here, that he may be her son. Even more intriguing--like someone else who posted, I also got the feeling that Dr. Sullivan was involved in this whole thing, somehow. As soon as I saw her show up at the scene, my gut said...hmm...


It was disappointed, but... girl in red dress- I`m pretty sure it`s Ali. But WHO THE HELL is girl in black swan dress? It`s not Melissa- she is pregnant and swan-girl was slim. It`s not Jenna- she was with black swan girl. So??!!...


..........Or was someone already harassing ali, and they asked her to join then ager she died they moved onto the girls after aria returned.....

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