Pretty Little Liars Review: When Dolls Attack

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After weeks of patient viewing, Pretty Little Liars really kicked it into high gear with an hour packed with tense drama, tragic romance and one of the creepiest doll scenes ever!

"If These Dolls Could Talk" brought us back to that scary doll hospital, introduced us to some new characters and revisited our usual suspects. With the big reveal just a week away, tonight's episode gave us a lot of teases about A's identity. BUT it's up to us to look really closely at each suspected A. 

First off, how unnerving were those scenes in the doll hospital? The owner was extremely unhelpful (and we definitely found out why), but the biggest clues (or misdirects) came from a little boy named Seth. He claimed to remember Ali and to know who was after her: a dark-haired woman and man. When he said the girl was not blind, the girls began to suspect Melissa. It seemed easy to dismiss him and his apparent visions... until he mentioned that Ali died from breathing in dirt.

That little piece of information wasn't released to the press and it was something only the killer would know. Or a psychic? Could Seth really "see" things? Paranormal matters have never really been a part of this teen drama, so it's kind of weird that the show would head in that direction now.

Girls on a Mission

Plus, once we were treated to that terrific scare in the basement, I began to doubt Seth's psychic visions. Then A showed up to pay off his partner for the damage to her dolls. It's possible the whole thing is just a ruse to terrify the girls and us. Well, it certainly worked! The little horror puppet show in the cabinet was so disturbing that it pushed the girls into doing the one thing they've refused to do so far: go to the police.

The whole incident really got the girls focused on Melissa. Even Spencer, while still be hesitant to tell the cops, had to finally reveal her parents suspicions about Melissa and the fact that Jason was her half-brother. In a surprising move, she showed Melissa the video and waited for her response. What she got was threat that seemed to confirm her all her worst fears. But is Melissa really A?

Hanna seems convinced, especially after offering up Caleb to make out with Mona as a trap for Melissa (a hilarious scene!). But Aria was right to point out that if Melissa was A she certainly wouldn't have admitted to texting Ali at all. Or that might have been a clever misdirect on her part. She seems very suspicious and she's really refused to directly answer any of Spencer's questions.

However, we shouldn't forget Jenna. Early on in the episode, it looked like Jenna was very disappointed at the failure of her surgery to restore her eyesight. She made a seemingly heartfelt apology to the girls, asked them all to move on and mentioned that she wasn't the one they should be afraid of. Emily wasn't sold on this change of heart, and neither was I. However, the girls might fooled by Jenna's manipulative ways, which spells disaster for everyone.

Because Jenna can see. Plus, she set up Garrett rather nicely by giving Toby the missing page from the autopsy report. She knew what Garrett gave her outside that interview room, and she knew she wasn't going to destroy her only leverage against Garrett. That's probably why he's been parked outside her house watching her and waiting for her to make her move. Jenna seems like the most obvious suspect, but couldn't she be A?

There are other suspects, of course, but these two women were the focus of tonight's episode. Garrett was arrested, but did he really kill Ali (alone or with a partner)? And it seems certain that whoever A is, he/she isn't working alone. So, who do you think it is?

In other news, it seems the celebration for Ezria fans was a little premature. Aria's parents briefly considered sending her to school in Vermont, until she hit back at them with an even bigger tantrum. It's true that her parents have made her love life very difficult, but I believed Ella when she said she was only trying to protect Aria from some unknown threat by the name of A. Aria couldn't accept that and her threat to expose her father's affair with his student really destroyed her family dynamic.

Obviously, Byron is in no position to judge his daughter's relationship given his past behavior, but two wrongs do not make a right. The whole scene was very ugly and made it seem like this relationship has destroyed Aria's character. However, her threat ended up being for nothing because Ezra is fired and now has zero job opportunities in Rosewood. Their relationship ends not with a whimper, but with a bang... metaphorically speaking. As Ezra tries to find the way to say goodbye to Aria, they're relationship gets a lot more physical. But, just how far did it go?

I also had an odd thought about the way tonight's show opened. Spencer saw Ali poking through her bag and urging her not to overlook an important clue, but we were left wondering if Ali was really there. A similar thing happened to Emily when she nearly died and to Hanna in the hospital. With each Ali appearance, there seems to be more uncertainty about whether these are just dreams or if Alison is really alive.

Could she be messing with their heads from beyond the grave or did she somehow fake her own death?


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A is Alison she was never dead! The body that they found is her twin....


I think 'A' has always been one person, I do not think there are other people who are willingly involved or working with or for the leader 'A'. I think that 'A' has a lot of dirty little secrets on nearly every resident of Rosewood, or so it seems to be the case with our top favorite suspects! My thoery is that 'A' gets or more rightly blackmails other individuals who have a lot at stake and a lot to hide to do his/her's bidding when he/she is off doing or planning something else to frighten the PLL's. That's why to me it seems as if there is a whole 'A' team. I do not think they're all willing participants. I think that they all have done some horrible things to the liars but are being recruited by 'A' when 'A' wants to thicken the plot and have the PLL confused when they are close on 'A's trail. That is why Melissa,Ian,Lucas,Jenna,Mona etc are appearing to act very shifty BECAUSE they have all done 'A's' bidding at one point or another!! Though it will be nice to see how it all unfolds.


I am convinced that Ezra is either A or working for A.
A enters in the Hasting's house, Fields's house and Marin's house.. But he never comes into Aria's home! When Ezra accept the job to the Hollis, outside of school Aria and Ezra kissing but A does nothing! When Ezra go to the Hollis, the girls stop receiving texts at school, but Ezra comes in 2x10 and Emily receives again a message from A after long time! He's also in the Halloween episode too. I think that it's Ezra and a partner and that's why the letter was put on Byron's car and Ezra didn't know about it. I think his partner did it behind his back because they don't like him and Aria together. Just a theory, a crazy one but I guess anything can happen in this show. Not long until we find out who A is now! I'm so excited!


Okay, while I understand (and am shocked by) all of the proof that Ezra is A, we've missed a very important question: WHY? Ezra is a twenty-something-year-old guy who just moved to Rosewood before starting his teaching job. What on earth would he care about Alison or her friends? He has a life, and I see no motive whatsoever for him to waste all of his time chasing around teenage girls and threatening them with scary messages.


A is clearly Mona, the bad person is always the one under the radar and friendly to the ones they're harrassing.


i think jenna had something to do with the murder maybe garett and melissa but it would be too obvious and mona is very weird around them it could be mona because when mona got mad at hannah , hannah ran to a bath room stahl and the there was the sink over flowing and a paper boat then she got a text from A but also maybe lucas because lucas tried to kill hannah and maybe its mona lucas and a master pulling their strings maybe jenna is the master and keleb probably used to be with them and toby might be a boss too but i still belive that ali's twin is dead and ali is alive but thats unlikely


And oh, I also think that A is more than one person. All the spying and texts and freakiness would be just too much for one person. Especially because they also have to work or go to school. But a second A would explain how Aria got the text in the class. I don't have any idea who she/he would be though... And someone said that Ezra can't be A because of his relationship with Aria. Like why would he risk getting caught for dating a student. But you have to remember that A has done some pretty nasty things that (s)he could get caught for! Like threating to kill someone, blackmailing... And A also used the doll lady and the kid right? They could talk too. And dating one of the pretty little liars would be just the perfect way to spy on them!


the episode 'the first secret' proves this as jenna had only just introduced herself to alison. i dont think it was melissa and ian either as he was secretly meeting alison at the time and i dont think melissa knew. i think it was mona and lucas they both hated her at the time and lucas had said to mona 'she'll get whats coming to her ' and mona nodded maybe they were planning something at that time ?


i dont think jenna is A, the little boy in the shop said the girl with the dark hair that bought the doll wasnt blind and the girls ruled out jenna thinking she was blind when the voodoo doll was bought but it was purchased a whole 10/11 months before alison died, she got the doll and the note in late october a few days before halloween and jenna had only met alison a few days before the party

Snow not so white

If Ezra is -A then he must have some history with Allison before. But I agree with all the clues that point out this possibility. And with who he works? He wasn't at Hannah's party and steal money.
Jenna is not -A, but she is definitely one great evil mastermind. And maybe she works with Mona, remember Halloween episode when Jenna "befriended" her? And Mona is so obvious to us, but not to girls.
Garreth and Melissa are just disgusting >_<
Well Monday, hurry up!

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