Person of Interest Review: Two Men and a Baby

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Babies on TV shows often provide whimsical hilarity and scenes including clever hi-jinks, especially when someone is after said baby. It's as if their cuteness can eliminate any possible negatives because, well, babies are just plain cute and covered in rainbows and butterflies.

Yes, "Baby Blue" did in fact incorporate some of those adorable moments - from Reese teaching baby Leila to go undercover and using her as a chick magnet to Finch losing her and frantically finding her with Reese's arsenal. True, he should have been baby-proofing that dangerous place aside from creating a play pen made from books.

And in the end, apart from all the ups and downs Reese and Finch had to endure, they were able to save Leila and prevent her murder.

Protective, Quasi Parents

Except victory had a far more bittersweet conclusion, a less fluffy bunny type atmosphere and one more filled with seeking dangerous criminals for aid.

It's great that Reese found an emotional attachment to Leila and was willing to break glass and beat up bars full of opponents when turning on Terminator mode. Do you have the baby? Time for a choke out. Do you have the baby? I don't care if I shoot you in the head.

Reese was on a mission and nothing would stand in his way; and that's great seeing a hero stop at nothing for his cause. But what was he thinking in going to Elias for help?

Carter truly hit the nail on the head when explaining that Reese did have other alternatives. The fact that he had to give in to Elias to save the baby was disheartening for both Carter and the cause that he's been so focused on.

How can they be fighting for the same thing when he'd rather pick the bad guys like Elias over the good guys like the police? Sure, there are corrupt cops, it's been highly evident, but there aren't good bad guys. That's why they are the bad guys.

I just hope that Carter's slipping faith can be restored, despite the heartbreaking realization that whether Reese consciously knew it or not, admitted that law enforcement, the people who are supposed to follow his ideals, aren't the answer.

Much like many of the more recent episodes, this particular one continued in the format of intertwining the case of the week with the larger arc without compromising either for the sake of the story.

Both were interesting and seeing Reese choose the so-called dark side for help in his cause puts another spin on a show still holding many new twists and turns.

And now that Elias has Moretti what is he going to do with him? Will he kill him? And will Reese ever think about turning to Elias again?

On a similar note, the return focus of Fusco on dealing with his own dark demons and struggling with working for the bad guys was great. He's had to reluctantly become the guy being pulled on everyone's leash. I guess it's hard to escape the life of corruption, even though I want to see him prevail. Poor Fusco.

Is it possible that Reese and Finch might start up their very own Babysitter's Club? Probably not, but the episode just showed another prime example of their desires to help others no matter who they are, and unfortunately, the not so easy decisions one might make in trying to do what's right.

So, is saving one baby's life worth giving up another?


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When Reese said 'Dada.....or Dada?'. Soooooo cute! Overall pretty damn excellent episode, getting better every week.


Now i get the re-airing of the Get Carter episode the week b4 this one. The Babyblue ending is de ja vu for Carter! In these two episodes Carter convinces the witness/informant that she has there back and her"boys" totally screw her! I hope the writers of this show keep this "I can trust u, now I can't" dynamic between Carter & Reese. I can see these two having a showdown. That would be one great episode!!


From week to week, episode to episode words can no longer
describe how fantastic the show, it's characters and the writing is.
It's rare these days to find any show that delivers every time.
Just hope when awards time comes around, P.O.I. is recognized for
just how wonderful every category just gives and then gives some more.


I love this show.


SMS-I have to agree with Notgoinganywhere/maybe you should stop drinking that haterade cause Carter is not going anywhere and she is a very important link to the show. Anyway this episode was SIMPLY PERFECT!!!! I can hardly wait for 3/29/12 to see the new one!!! Everyone did a fantastic job, and baby Layla was just to cute!! That definately added a different dynamic to this episode. An awwhhh it was quite a few very touching moments in this ep as well. Also, Reese making the sacrafice did cost him and I love the fact that POI really makes everything so realistic, compared to some other shows. All I can say is keep it coming POI....this is the BEST NEW DRAMA on TV!!!! The ENTIRE cast is just fantastic!!!!!!


Excellent episode! I thought that this would be another run of the mill episode, which is always top notch. But then factor in the last minute double cross by Elias??? SUPERB! Here's my thing: how many times has Reese / Finch helped out Carter; and the one time they screw her over, she suddenly doesn't trust them? And who's to say that the police would know where to find the baby any ways? Excellent writing, great characters. I especially liked it when Reese and Finch snapped at each other for losing the baby / Leila finding Reese's weapons. Anyone else a little surprised at how often Reese is KILLING criminals now instead of wounding them?


Great. Besides Carter and Fusco, there aren't any cops Reese could trust. Reese;s many sides: being protective/caring and beating up/killing bad guys. The baby with the grenade! Yikes! "Grenade" "It's a tear gas grenade" "It's still a grenade." LOL. Carter realizing Finch has the baby LOL. Carter's consternation when Finch tells her the baby's with Reese. LOL


Why in the world would Reese ever go to the police? Reese and Finch are sauntering around with this infant while there is an Amber alert with a composite drawing of Finch. The police wasn't able to find this infant then. What makes Carter think the police can help once the infant goes underground. Elias was the right if not dubious choice. Great show, great cast with Caviezel as the lead. I liked Enrico Colantoni in Just Shoot Me. Who knew that he would make such a great villain as the recurring character of Elias. I loved this episode!


This was by far the best episode of a stellar season, in the top echelon with Get Carter and Number Crunch. I was so grateful that the cutsie baby stuff did not overwhelm the dark, gritty texture of the show. I found the baby play with Finch particularly cloying and unnecessary. Reese bonding with the baby on the other hand, was important to the main storyline of his devil's bargain with Elias. Carter was pitch perfect in this episode. That final scene between Reese and Carter was heart-rending and beautifully played by Caviezel and Henson. They both deserve Emmys for this episode.

Sarah silva

I loved this episode! Reese was so cute with the baby, then at the end when he said he would like to have a kid one day, but sadly I am sure he knows it may not happen.
I guess they had to shake up the storyline of having Carter work with the Reese and Finch. However I am sure that soon she will realize that they are better when the work together.
I have a feeling that if it was any other POI than a baby Reese would not have told Elias where his dad was.
I guess no new episodes until the end of March due to March Madness...URGH

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