Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Red-Handed"

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The Once Upon a Time Round Table team is not afraid of The Big Bad Wolf.

In this edition of the weekly feature, panelists Jim Garner, Christine Orlando and Nick McHatton tackle "Red-Handed," going over various aspects of the latest episode and wondering where the CSI lab is in Storybrooke. Won't you join in?


Does the heart box Ruby found belong to Kathryn?
Christine: I don't think so. I'm going with Kathryn still being alive. I don't know where or how yet, though. And of course that still leaves the question: whose heart is it?

Jim: I honestly don't think so. First, if it looks like a normal human heart, then it's not Regina's version... those are glowing and pulsate. Second, I agree with Christine, I think Kathryn is still alive. Maybe she's in the hospital Belle is in.

Nick: That would seem like a poor way to get rid of Kathryn after the way she's been built up. So I don't think it's her. I momentarily thought it could be Graham, but Regina squeezed his heart into dust.

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How much of Ruby's Fairy Tale "condition" was carried into Storybrooke? Did she hear David breathing or smell him to find him in the woods?
Jim: Her heightened senses for sure. When Ruby said "I hear him" I wonder if she actually was smelling him but it didn't click in her head that it wasn't a sound. I'm pretty sure when she got to "I know where he is" that all her senses were working overtime. My curiosity is what her cloak became in Storybrooke. A short red miniskirt maybe?

Christine: I'm hoping she doesn't turn into a wolf during the full moon or Storybrooke might have lost a few folks by now but yes, I think she's retained some of those abilities. I'd guess it gives her increased powers of smell and hearing. It will be fun to see if they carry this story forward.

Nick: I think her senses were carried over, but not her wolf form. Granny still had her senses, but her wolf form was suppressed. I think she smelled him.

Do they have a CSI lab in Storybrooke and, if not, how are the writers going to dance their way around the town's crime-solving limitations? How did Regina get Mary Margaret's fingerprints on the box?
Jim: Most crime labs actually get work from an entire region. Besides, people can leave as long as they are planning on coming back right? Isn't that what Henry said? So anyone could run the heart to Boston for testing. As for the box, give that the Queen was married to Snow's father, I'm pretty sure Regina would have access to all sorts of things with MM's finger prints on it.

Christine: Mary Margaret's a teacher so perhaps her finger prints are on record for that.  Could Regina have transferred them somehow?  Might she have taken a box that was Mary Margaret's already and used that?  As for the lab, I'm guessing now that strangers are allowed in Storybrooke that there's a courier that can take the heart to a lab in Boston.

Nick: The town is created from a spell, they could easily write their way out of this situation by just placing a lab in town or there's kit at the the sheriff's station.

David's fugue state: is Regina behind it? Why was he wandering around in the forest?
Jim: David's memories for Storybrooke are still pretty new. I'm betting under stress he reverts to his previous memories and that causes some dysfunction. Though what he was searching for is beyond me, maybe he's searching for Grumpy's broken heart.

Christine: I was really lost on that one.  It was as though he was under some sort of spell.  I hope they give us some clues to it soon because I'm very curious.

Nick: I think everything at some point or another has some connection back to Regina, but I'm going to agree with Jim. I think David is reliving some of Charming's memories, even though he says "I have to find her" he could easily be talking about Snow and not Kathryn. Or he's relying on his Charming self, kind of like how Ruby relied on her wolf self, to try to find Kathryn, and that is causing him to fugue into Charming.

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