Once Upon a Time Review: Dare To Dream

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If Once Upon a Time has taught us anything, it's that magic comes at a price. Apparently so do dreams, as "Dreamy" gave us the surprising background of dwarfs and the consequences of daring to fantasize.

Grumpy's history was just so sad that it was a little painful to watch his story play out. Knowing that Grumpy had once been the optimistic and smiling Dreamy was heartbreaking. Kudos to the actors and writers for making me feel so much for a character I hardly knew.

The Return of Belle

Despite the supposed inability of dwarfs to love, their beginnings were quite creative. Who would have guessed that they were hatched from eggs? And what a great twist to have their names magically appear on the pick axes.

The one issue I did have was that Dreamy didn't tell Nova what the blue fairy had said. She had the right to know that she could lose her wings if she sailed off him. Nova could have made her own decision given all the facts. Perhaps love would have trumped fairy wings. Alas, we'll never know.

One small complaint about fairies: they really deserve better outfits. I've come to expect a lot from the wardrobe department of this show and the fairy dresses didn't work for me. They looked too much like a bad fitting tutu.

The other thing that bothered me was the much hyped return of Belle. Her role was so small and so brief that I was a little disappointed. I hope we get to see more of her soon.

Apparently Leroy had the same hero complex as his fairy tale alter ego. He certainly didn't have any more luck in the love department. Grumpy didn't seem to be destined for a happy ending in either realm.

Like Mary Margaret, I didn't know what Leroy had planned. When he hit the transformer with the pick axe I actually laughed. Now there's a way to sell candles: make sure everyone's in the dark.

Emma's investigation into Kathryn's disappearance had me shaking my head. Why was she trusting Sidney so much? For a woman who claims she can tell when someone is lying, her radar seemed to be on the fritz when it came to the reporter.

Sidney easily could have had those phone records changed. My only question is this: how soon will Mary Margaret get dragged into this mess?

Will Mary Margaret and David ever find their way back to one another? Will Kathryn be found wandering in the woods? And what the heck did the nuns do to Mr. Gold? Whether you're Dreamy or Grumpy over it, share your thoughts on this week's Once Upon a Time.


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I really liked this background on Grumpy! I wish they do a background on the rest of the dwarves. :) I was kind of annoyed at how clumsy Nova/Astrid was! Ugh! and her voice! Anyway, I can't wait to find out what happened to Katherine.


I think the way the storylines are set up is kind of like Lost. Alot of background stories on characters first and then they all start connecting and making sense. So I guess we'll just have to wait & see.


blkVenom This show really is a waste of precious air time. I mean nothing happens in the real world, it's all about the characters backstory. To me I think the show never moves on, and it leave you wondering what was the main plot of episode was about. The show is losing viewers every week, because it's not telling you about what's Emma, is going to do to defeat the queen. Every week it's about some crazy fairytale, that even the viewers have to scratch their heads, back ground that doesn't go along with the plot! Where's Henry! The show will be cancel at the end of the season, because it's lost it's true grip of main plot, Emma saving STORY BROOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grumpy's back story was definitely cute but I don't really know how that connects to the over-all plot. What I've noticed with this series is that it gives a lot of back stories of different fairy tale characters but nothing's really being developed in the real world or the actual plot. Or at the very least, the development is incredibly slow. It's fun watching these back stories but I think we need a little more plot development. And am I the only one wondering where Henry is?


Oh boy I love Emma and all but she's getting increasingly more dense and lose the excessive hair! I love grumpy and I like the relationship he has with snow so I was thrilled to see it transcend to stonybrooke with Mary and Leroy. I'm curious to know what rumple s issue is with the fairies


I refuse to believe that dwarfs are incapable of loving. Only the connection that a dwarf shares with his brothers and the support they show each other tells that they are incredibly loving creatures. But they're brainwashed from the day they come to this world to enjoy a life full of restainments. A life full of work that offers them nothing back...Seriously...I would be expecting to see some rioting, some protests...I really hope the time they spent with Snow helped them become a little bit more aware of the real world and the feelings they deserve to experience!
Now...What's the freaking deal with Rumpel and the Fairies? It can't be about Belle since it was the EQ who ruined it all:(...So maybe about his son?


It's not that Mr. Gold had something against the nuns. He has something against fairies and since he remembers the other world he carries on the hate. Remember how he ask for the King on the information of the fairy godmother of his family in exchange for the other son (Prince Charming). And how he killed Cinderella's fairy godmother.
Loved the story of Grumpy (Leroy) and that he got to spend time with Snow (Mary Margaret)in Storybrooke.


When I first saw Regina receiving and looking through the phone records, all I could think was "Oh come ON! Can't Emma catch a break?" But as the episode wore one, I forgot all about how annoyingly evil Regina is and started to enjoy the story of Grumpy/Leroy. And I really enjoyed when the one woman helped Mary Margaret by re-lighting her candle. It seemed like a sign that people were ready to forgive her for her part in the affair. Then, the look on her face when Emma put David in the back of her police car made it so obvious how much she still really cares for him. Can't wait for the next episode!


When did "Sister Mary Margaret" become plain "Mary Margaret"? I always thought she was a nun until, you know, she starting getting it off with Dave.


From what I read mary margerit was supposed to be a nun when the show began. hence the far more nun like name than astrid. why the change I wonder? astrid could be a novice which would give grumpy some hope. funny how with the exception of david and mm, characters have happier endings in storybrook. Here grumpy became astrids frienf and has hope. Is once becoming a repository for ex buffy stars. Amy acher made a great fairy. I have to say the fairy costumes and hairdos were horrid. When two women you look better in nuns outfits u know its bas

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